Been sick. Really sick.

Blah, this “new” rich text editor kind of annoys me.  I hate having to do hard returns to make things behave, alas. 

Anyway, we’ve been down for the count with whatever crud this is flying around.  It’s almost a month for me now, the kids and hubby took closer to 2-3 weeks to get sick and better.  But, since I’m the one that hears that cough-before-the-vomit at 3am or the one kids come to at 3am with whatever issue, yeah.  There’s a reason it takes me longer to recover from everything.

Moving on.  While out and about the other day, I found some cheesecloth.  22 yards for $4.29 isn’t too bad if I’m remembering correctly.  😀

Had a lovely meltdown the other day.  I likely won’t get anything planted this year.

The weather here is schitzo.  This is one direction on this street.

And here is the opposite direction.  Definitely not dull.

Just another evening.  Thawing chicken and sauce for the crockpot for dinner tomorrow, pork chops for the next day, and some cookie dough for breakfast cookies (almond flour paleo cookies, I decided they get to be breakfast cookies).  Always in bulk…  what you also don’t see is the 7-qt pot of simmering chicken stock on the left and two gallon ziplocs of muffins on the right (the kids devoured one gallon bag this morning).



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