Revisiting my planner

Somehow, some way, mom needs to keep a handle on everything.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I tend to forget everything if I leave it up to chance or hope I remember.  So, I write everything (and I mean everything!) down.  It makes life a bit easier.

Remember this post a while back?  Why yes, I’ve happily been using it for almost a year.

I may need to get or make a new/fun cover at some point – my flowers are fading a bit since that last photo, whoops.  Goes to show you how much I use my notebook, to where my kids now know exactly what it looks like.  Other than the fading, it’s been holding up super.

Zipper pouch just inside the cover.  I have coupons, a rogue dollar bill, and super cute thin little colored pens from here inside the pouch.

Next up, business cards.  The top slot’s empty as I kept giving out the cards I had of the nearish homeschool book shop.

All my dividers.  The month dealies stick out a smidge, but not enough for me to feel a need to trim them.

My week at a glance.  On the right, the grid for making sure things happen about on the day they should.  Like playdates, dentist appointments, milk pickup, homeschool co-op (and prep!) and so on.
On the left is a blank page.  For me to scribble anything/everything I need to.  A to-do list, notes for me to remember things, a place to stick my post it notes, whatever.  See the adorable post-its with all the tiny heads?  Super cute post-its from Vistaprint that I bought on a whim when getting new address labels.  I like ’em.  Moveable (from week to week) to-do lists or whatever it is I need at the time.

The next week.  I also really like putting grocery lists and such on post-its.  Then I can send hubby with the list (without taking my notebook!) or move the list to the next week and so on.

Another close-up of my categories.  All in all, I have Homeschooling, Calendar, Finances/Planning, Gardening, Harvest/Canning, Recipes, Spiritual, Price Lists, Notes, Addresses.

In my Finances/Planning section I have a tally of the clothes I have for the kids in each size.  Come consignment sale time, I absolutely love having these on hand.  So I can see where my holes in their wardrobes are, and fill in accordingly when I come across screamin’ deals ($3 for a pair of big boy size 14 jeans, yes please!).  And not, ahem, end up with a dozen pairs of size 12 jeans.  Granted, with four kids we’ll likely use all those and then some, but still.  Was a bit overkill when my oldest was only 7yo at the time.

My year-at-a-glance of big monthly purchases.  Like when we need to be ready to pay our yearly life insurance premium, when it’s time to buy our whole cow, estimate how much I’ll be spending on the boxes and boxes of peaches/apples/pears, all that jazz.  My monthly budget/spending sheets are just behind it, but you can use your imagination for that.

Garden planning.  I haven’t done squat this year.  Even though I need to start some seeds in the next week or two.  This is where that planning and notes will go so I have it at my fingertips.

Here’s my harvest and canning section.
Harvest tally on the left (about 588 jars for 2012 – I tend to can things on an every-other-year or every-third-year basis now, so that’s a fairly low number of what I’ve got on hand), my canning cheat sheet on the right.  Here I also have my lists of what I’d like to can/freeze/dehydrate in the coming year, things I want to try finding in the forest to wild-harvest, and at what point to harvest them (leaves, flowers, berries, roots, whathaveyou).

Spiritual.  Bible verses I like/that mean something to me, and a prayer list behind (sorry, you don’t get to see that one, you can imagine it yourself I’m sure).

My Costco price list.  I haven’t felt the need to do one for local stores really, I’m freakishly good at usually remembering those prices (but somehow I’m a spaz at Costco – could be the larger-than-grocery-store packages).

Pages of notes.  Things that don’t belong anywhere else.  Like the notes I took at a doTerra essential oil class.  Or random books I want to look at or a list of (dried) herbs I want to acquire from an apothecary or etsy shop at some point.

Or other ideas for things, or who has canning jars of mine.  Also around here is where I have my blank pages for scribbling things down or inserting somewhere else they’re needed.  I love, love, love the disc-y thing, it’s so easy to move things around!  I’ve been so happy with my creation in the last year, it’s been incredibly helpful in many ways. 

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4 thoughts on “Revisiting my planner

  1. Thanks for sharing this.  I’m just now setting up a notebook like this for myself.  Had one when I was a younger mother of two, but need it with the mother of one at home and two away.  The idea of a moveable grocery list is a great one!  What’s the “disk-y thing” for moving things around?  I’d sure love to hear more about that spiritual side of you!

  2. @jamunts – The disc thing is the ARC notebook system thing at Staples.  šŸ™‚  Even Martha Stewart’s gotten in on the action with the disc binding (at Staples) and Pendaflexx has also come out with something similar recently.  Levenger has the fancy Circa system, but that’s a bit more out of my price range, plus spending that much money sight-unseen kinda weirds me out.  With spiral notebooks, you have to leave the pages there, no ifs ands or buts, and with Day-Timers those covers and 3/6-ring binders take up an awful lot of room before you even add the innards.  With the disc deal, you can gently pull out a page, and re-insert elsewhere in your notebook, wherever you want it.  So, my blank pages, like when I’m planning my mommy getaway, I scribble my notes and such down, and stick in my calendar right next to those dates it’s happening.  Or a few weeks ago I pulled out my weekly calendar pages from August to November to archive away and put in some new fresh ones through June in my planner – I can switch things out.Spiritual…  yeah, not going to happen on here.  It’s a personal journey for me (much like my marriage is just between me and my husband, my spiritual journey is between me and God right now).  I’ve been blasted too many a time online for things, so with something of that importance, nope, I’m good with doing my own thing.  Plus over the years I’ve just seen too many people justify their bad behavior with the Bible or their own institutions and such.  I have a hard time being around that kind of thing.

  3. thanks for the disc info–will look for it around here.  I know what you mean and I respect your boundaries.  But as one who has fervently prayed for you, I am grateful there is a “between me and God” at all.  And I am still sorry for your losses.  Has happened to me as well.  All the best from a not so near neighbor!

  4. @jamunts – There always has been, but there has definitely been an ebb and flow to it (when you grow up with a pastor who intentionally doesn’t include you in things and plays favorites… yeah).  I’ve had experiences, I know He’s there.  šŸ™‚

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