Always with the Legos

The 9yo made a *huge* Lego RV.  Huge.  With a tow-behind garden, complete with little romantic area (his words!) there at the end of the trailer.

Inside of the RV.  Freakin’ impressive.  There’s a shower stall and a separate toilet stall.  Dresser with lamp in front of the bed.  TV viewing area in front of the dining area.  Giant kitchen complete with cupboards (that work!), drawers (that work!), stove, sink with faucet, fridge, rangehood, and yeah.

Been having fun with my menu magnets.  Working out well, and hubby can see at a glance what on earth his crazy wife is up to.

Top row  =  Day of the week.
Second row (yellow/flowers)  =  Breakfast.
Third row (green)  =  Lunch.
Bottom row (blue)  =  Dinner.  And maybe recipe cards.

The kids being put to work.    Here they were finishing scrubbing the tile floor in the entryway, and I sicced them on the dirty walls (usually dirty from them touching it…).

Second to last batch of 2012 canning.  Even though I did this just the other day.  Finally getting through some of the apples I’d been ignoring in the homeschool room.  Better late than never I suppose.  Unsweetened applesauce and chicken/turkey stocks.

The first aid kit I perpetually have in my purse.

It’ll be changing a little, again, when I get all my goodies for mixing up my own potions and save enough from selling stuff to get more essential oils on hand.

I’m sure you’re curious as to what the heck’s inside my fridge.  Yeah, not all that impressive.  It’s not 100% clean (better than it was earlier, we went on a leftover/clean out the fridge yuck spree today), nor is absolutely everything homemade.  I’m human.  I didn’t even realize I had four open jam jars in the fridge, whoops.  The kids go find what they need in the pantry, and yeah.  There’s also a bunch more cheese there on the shelf than normal since I plan to go on a homemade mac & cheese spree tomorrow (plan to make at least 2 extra freezer casseroles).  Why yes, I need to have room for Costco-sized condiments in the fridge.

The bottom drawer is almost entirely yogurt for the kids, middle drawer is produce of some sort (currently celery, lettuce, lemons, carrots).

No photo of the garage fridge because, well, it’s kinda gross.  Things have spilled and gotten icky, and, well, it’s in the garage.  I’ll get to it sometime by June or so.  It’s just got 2-3 weeks worth of eggs, another 1-2 weeks worth of cheese, a week’s worth of milk (3.5-4.5 gallons usually), 6+ months of sour cream and cream cheese, some extra carrots and extra yogurt, and so on.  Life in bulk certainly isn’t boring or easy/quick, that’s for sure.


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