Just another week with vanilla, snow, Legos and cider.

Decanting and straining my vanilla.  While I love vanilla bean specks, I’m not so fond of the bark-y pieces you get from scraping the pod.

All strained and ready to go. 

I have no idea how I managed it, but I shoved a whole turkey carcass in this little 10-qt pot.  It was upright for a while there until the bones gave out and finally smushed down.

Getting ready to put away my Tattler lids.  Yup, I have a few rings that have been used four times already.  Oh, and if you want to dye your lids?  Use tumeric.  That yellow one was from mustard or relish or something overly colorful. 

Ah yes.  So.  To drive to our milk farm, I drive through the hinterboonies.  So.  Which vehicle do you think would be more proper to drive down this sort of icy/dirt road at 20mph?  A Jeep from Montana or a minivan full of kids?  That’s right, the freakin’ Jeep.  I never hit a patch long enough for me to pass the bloomin’ person.  I pulled over, got the kids a snack, adjusted some stuff, checked the battery on my phone, and even caught back up to them in no time.  For the record, I can do 30-35mph fairly comfortably on most of this road when it looks like this, and am sailing down it at 45-50mph when it’s dry and not too rutted (we saw the road grader out at least 3 times when it was dry-ish out over the spring/summer/fall).

My 9yo’s latest Lego creation.  Some sort of space station?  It’s amusing to say the least.

I swear, this is the cleanest my kitchen has been in a while.  For more than a day.  I’ve been doing really good the last few weeks keeping it fairly cleaned off, it’s wild.

Made three loaves of french toast to freeze for later.

Butter and buttermilk from a lot of cream…  Maybe 2.5 gallons of cream? I can’t remember.  That pot is about half full, and an 8-qt pot.  Now to figure out what I want to do with that much buttermilk.

Hubby was a doll and pressed cider for me.  Ended up being about 23ish quarts, plus whatever the kids and us drank throughout the afternoon/evening.

Homestead Barn Hop.


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