All kinds of dairy and fowl

The progressions of milk…

First up, yogurt into lebneh.

Whole milk turned into yogurt.  See how it pulls away from the edge when tipped over?  I don’t know why, but it thrills me each time the yogurt sets up like it’s supposed to.

My goofy yogurt-straining setup.  That pot on the left is an 8-quart pot, the one on the right is a dinky 4-quart pot.

After hanging out in the strainer for a day or two, I end up with super thick yogurt and whey. 

I know, why looks funny, doesn’t it?

All jarred up and ready to go.  A teeny, tiny little half-pint jar is $9 at the farmer’s market.  So, these are the 13 pints that did *not* cost me over $200.  Much, much less, even *with* the olive oil.

Close up.  I mixed up the yogurt with some herbs – dried garlic, basil, parsley, a little salt.  It’s yummy.  It really is.  Kind of a pain to make though so I won’t be making it *that* often, but yummy.

Freezer meals.  For me and friends.

Freezer breakfasts for us.  Yum.  Yeah, you can’t reheat biscuits in anything besides an oven or low-temp toaster.  A microwave would kill them and turn them all rubber.  These were really good.  I totally went all lazy and baked the eggs (mixed with bacon bits, salt, and milk) to just cut up into chunks for each sandwich.

Saw this at Costco tonight…  Need to talk to hubby about it.  The drawers in our island peninsula are dying.  Which means we have to save up for a new kitchen.  Which will take at least a year or three.  So… maybe shoving this under the peninsula or putting it in place of it might be worth a look.  Definitely a ton cheaper than a whole new kitchen right now.  I’m just giddy about the possibility of organization in all those shallow drawers – you don’t need a 4.5″ tall drawer for silverware, right?

We woke up to this a few days ago.  The kids were entirely enthralled.  And really, who wouldn’t be?  Cute little bird tracks all over our backyard!

More dairy stuff.  The little flat packets are all butter before I started using some and freezing the rest.

The resulting buttermilk.  I need to use it, I’ll probably freeze chicken in it.

Side-by-side of butter.  In case you were wondering.
To the left is the sale butter (California? it’s got black/white cow spots on the package) from the grocery store.
To the right is my homemade butter that’s been hanging out at room temperature as well.  I think this was September/October cream, not even spring cream (which usually results in much darker/nutritious butter).


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