Recap of the last week or so

First round of applesauce – all with honey.
Vanilla honey applesauce.

Went to a paint-your-pottery place for a friend’s baby shower and got sucked in.
I had them paint the words for me, but I’m guessing the instructions left weren’t understood.  Eh, maybe I’ll do another one later on and this can be my secondary one.

One side says “Give us this day our daily bread” and the other side says “Live a life of love.”

In case you were wondering what 15 pounds of bacon looks like.  I canned up a bunch of bacon bits.  Need to finish it out.  Also canned up the bacon grease, but it did something funny, I may need to redo that.

My adorable little box from an Azure Standard order.  Some gluten-free flour blends to play around with, some brown rice syrup (again, to play around with), and a ton of Pomona Pectin.  Not pictured is my box of muffin papers, and the wheat I have still sitting in the van to freeze (I’m going to let it freeze out there for a few days before starting to repackage).

Today I also went and got my half a pig.

9 packages (33lbs) of bacon.
14 sausage chubs (20lbs).

The remaining 127lbs:
2 arm roasts.
9 packages pork chops.
1 package country style ribs.
1 package baby back ribs.

3 hams.

And a bunch of lard.  I didn’t think to ask/have the butcher separate the leaf fat from the other stuff, next time.  I got all the pork fat from this pig as the person who bought the other half didn’t want it – yay! 31.something pounds, yay!  Too tired to render it today, maybe tomorrow.  Worked out to be about $2.42/lb, or if you count the pork fat, $2.08/lb.  Yeehaw!


3 thoughts on “Recap of the last week or so

  1. Miss you!  Wow, could I learn a bunch from you regarding canning–meat, lard, etc.  What’s your favorite lard rendering recipe (link)?  I’m in the midst of seedy grapes, apples, pumpkin and quince(!).   Question regarding some of the canned goods I shipped over to SWEDEN:  some of the cans leaked through the lids (two jars were the only jars of my favorite vanilla bean plum jam), what do you think?  Ditch them?  (one was plain pumpkin) I’m asking you this more than a year after it happened, but I’m sure you know what that is like dealing with canned goods.

  2. @jamunts – Hah, I’m sure you’ve kept quite busy over there.    Uh, I don’t know that I have a favorite lard know-how link…  I clicked through like a dozen blog posts about it (because most commercial sites just talk about lard, they don’t actually do/show anything).  When I get my method down, I’ll post it.  I know you can’t put about 4 quarts of cubed pork fat in an 8-quart pot and have it cook down in an hour, that’s for darned sure.  My notes for next time?  I’ll have the butcher (on Miles Ave to boot!) separate the leaf and regular lard, and see if he’ll grind it up for me to save me that hassle.If your canned goodies leaked out and the seal was broken, you know the answer to that one.  If it was just residue leftover from gooey canning water, I’d call it good.  Part of why I wash all my jars after they’re done to de-stickify everything.  Plus it just makes everything look pretty in the pantry.  If they only leaked from shipping… yeah, I’d toss and plan to can more this year.@Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Right?!?  I kept looking in the stores, and all I could find was hydrogenated blech, even in the pitiful ‘ethnic’ sections.  Not 100% sure what we’re going to do with it (although… hubby may make fried chicken in my first pathetic attempt at rendered lard)

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