What, doesn’t everybody’s school room look like this at this point in the year?
I have Jonathan, Rome, MacIntosh, Pink Pearl, Golden Delicious, and some other apple variety or two all here.  The best applesauce I’ve ever made is a big old blend of it all, so that’s how I roll nowadays.

Hubby teased me about my designer apples.  On the bottom left is Pink Pearl, on the upper right is Rome.

The Squeezo in action.  You can see my giant steamer pot in the back on the stove – it’s much bigger up close.

She had to pose with it.

At the end of one day.  It’s a start.  Somewhere around 35+ quarts, I still have a little left I need to finish canning.

First attempt at this…  Using ground up stevia leaves (real, true stevia leaves from my yard) for the sweetener in Grandma’s secret recipe relish.  I haven’t gotten the balls to try it yet, I may use my sister as a guinea pig. 


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