Let’s do some math!

Just so you know, you will likely never see this kind of math in a traditional classroom. 
In my house, sure, but not in a school.

Two 28-pound boxes of pears = $21.00
From a 4oz bottle ($11.49) of vanilla paste, used about .5oz =  $1.44
One pint of raspberry honey that was bought in bulk (bulk equals discount!) = $4
About 6 cups of sugar = $1.49
Water = basically free since we have running water regardless of whether I’m canning or not
Grand total = $27.93 for 25 quarts of canned and yummy, ripe pears.  Flavored with real vanilla specks to boot, none of that tree bark stuff (okay, yes, I’m lazy and didn’t feel like scraping out a vanilla bean this time so I used the paste, maybe this week with applesauce we’ll use the fresh beans).  Kids get the bonus of learning how to blanch and peel fruit in bulk.  Not many other 9yo and 6yo boys I know have this knowledge.

A little more math you say?  Okay.
My local grocery store carries Western Family products.  About twice a year, they have case lot sales.  Buy the whole case so they don’t have to open it and stage it, you get a discount.  Last go-round it was $.98 for a 15oz can of fruit.  So, to have the same quantity (by jar/tin can volume) of fruit on hand that I canned up, you’d need at least 53+ cans of Western Family fruit.  So.

Here’s my quarts of pears next to a 15oz can of oranges (the only commercially canned fruit I have in the house right now!).  How many of those little tin cans would you need to crack open for dinner to equal one of the quarts?  In my house, at least 2-3.

So…  Which would you rather have?

A) Pears canned in a vanilla/raspberry honey syrup or in a vanilla/sugar light syrup at the peak of the season when allowed to ripen fully for a cost of $27.93 (plus a few bucks for propane, if that), or…

B) Pears canned in either light fruit juice (have you made your own juice for canning before? it’s time consuming and pricey!) or high fructose corn syrup, picked while still green enough to not bruise easily in the machinery, and in tiny cans that you need to crack open 2-4 for a single meal since likely 2/3 of it is just the liquid for $51.94?

Since I have the canner, the know-how, and drive to do it, it’s a no brainer.  Well, and we’re food snobs.  Kinda why there’s little to no commercially canned fruit in my house right now. 

Barn Hop time!


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