Trying to finish up the produce…

My kitchen.  All the horizontal surfaces  are covered.  Just another day.

The 2.5yo was helping me with the Squeezo.  Complete with wearing his sister’s apron.

Oh yes, he’s concentrating.

The 8yo’s latest backyard creation.  It’s a ticket station, in case you couldn’t already tell.  The seats are missing from the ticket platform on the right there, the left platform with ramps is where the bikes/wagons go.  And yes, that is a crossing arm made out of PVC pipe and a planter.  I just watch and giggle.

Today my 8yo was so, so, so incredibly helpful.  I did have to keep reminding him of things I needed him to do, but he did so much today.  He completely cleaned out the greenhouse floor here for me.  It seriously looked much, much, much more horrible and crispy jungle-like.  He did an amazing job cleaning it out for me.

Then he refilled the water jugs (I’m using them as additional heat/heat wall, heat break, whatever) and placed them along the edge.  I transplanted the basil and stevia (I’m hopeful it’ll keep going in the greenhouse for [most of] the winter).  He and the 4yo then mulched and watered them for me. 

Also yoinked the rest of the garden stuff.  Expecting the first hard frost tonight.  Seriously, these two boxes?  Pretty much 80% of this year’s harvest from the garden.  I was absolutely *not* on top of things this year.  Not even close.  So we’ve got tomatoes.

No worries, I’ve got a use for the green tomatoes.

Also grabbed what I could from all the herbage left out there. 
Parsley, boneset, calendula seeds, calendula petals, lettuce seeds, broccoli seeds, stevia, lemon verbena, leek seeds, possibly turnip leaves, plantain leaves.  We’ll see what I do with all that, I have ideas.  That have to wait until other stuff is taken care of.

There was also another consignment sale.  All folded and stacked like this, it doesn’t look like much.

Until you divide it up like this.  Books, 40-some pieces of clothing, and two pairs of boots and one other dress not pictured.

The dress that wasn’t pictured.  The 8yo keeps bugging her about it being a princess or wedding dress, but whatever.  It’s fun, it’s cute, and it was $7.  Whether she wears it for dress-up or church or Tuesday, I don’t care.  It’s fun (and things are covered, like they should be on little girls).

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