My feet are sore.

About 91 jars in 36 or so hours.  Yes, hubby and sometimes the 8yo helped with a bunch of peach peeling, and hubby ran kid interference for the majority of that (waking) time so I could hammer it out.

Lots of peaches, some diced tomatoes, and a bunch of grape jelly.  Yum.  Grape jelly….

Started some Romas simmering.  You can see how much they’ve reduced.  Plan to can plain tomato sauce.  Can dress it up later on as/if need be.  Hubby cut up an entire box (25lbs?) of Romas to put into this sucker last night.

Yup, it’s a respectable sized pot. 

Kept sending them outside with their dinner.  Peeked outside, and this is what I saw.  They were just all congregated together, chatting and eating, all on their own accord.  So cute.  And I have to admit, it cracked me up that my 4yo girl is kickin’ back there with her legs crossed.

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3 thoughts on “My feet are sore.

  1. @frathousecook – What’s funny is that it doesn’t necessarily *need* to be a bigger kitchen, it just needs to be a kitchen that has a better layout without dead space/lack of storage.  Whoever designed/built the house obviously didn’t really cook much beyond a few soup cans or something.

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