Sometimes I get tired of being the ant.

It starts with this…
Boxes of peaches and tomatoes.

As a friend called it, organized chaos.

A friend was watching the kids for me for the day, and hubby took a few breaks from work to help me out.  I had a fairly streamlined-ish method going on here, and I swear, this is the cleanest the kitchen has ever looked during a canning bout.  Ever.

Finally got to break in my Amish canner.

Yes, those are quarts. 

All the finished jars, cooled and ready to wash off.  Yes, I wash off all the gunk/syrup/hard water sediment after canning so a) my jars look super cute all lined up in the pantry and b) there’s nothing down there to attract little critters.  Doesn’t look like so much here, does it.

But here?  Looks like a lot more.  I ended up with 42 quarts and 3 pints out of yesterday’s ordeal.  We busted open a few of them for dinner tonight, I tried some with a vanilla-sugar syrup and the rest with blackberry honey syrup.  Need more vanilla in the vanilla syrup one…  think I’ll be busting out the vanilla beans next go-round to just scrape into the syrup.  I like vanilla.

On the upside, all those jars?  All 45 of them?  Not a single seal failure.  And I used only one disposable lid.  Whoo-hoo!  Must be getting my Tattler-fingers running full steam, which totally rocks since I have a bunch on hand to use, and failed seals suck.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I get tired of being the ant.

  1. @katidids – It’s not so much hard water stains, it’s just the goo that sticks/burns in the canner when I have a little siphoning from the jars.  Adding vinegar to the canning water definitely helps with the annoying hard water buildup (we have major calcium and lime in our ground water), but doesn’t exactly cut through the stickiness of peach syrup.  @homesteadertess – I know, I found out about it from an old blog friend years ago, and pined for one for a while.  Then hubby surprised me with it for Christmas, only to find out it was 1/4″ too long for my glass-top stove.  Figures.  So I had to wait until we had a dual-burner camp stove to use outside for it.  Definitely makes it easier for big batches, but now it takes me twice as long to get a canner load going (filling up 15qts of peaches takes some time!).

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