Perpetual food post

Yes, because I deal with a lot of food in this house.

Remember the salad spinner full of basil?

I just tossed the whole thing in the dehydrator.  I didn’t have the patience to put all the basil out onto sheets, so I just stuck it in.  And checked on it and tossed the leaves around periodically to make sure they all dried.

Turned into about 2/3 of a pint.

More butter.  Cream I thawed.  It’s raw cream though, I have no idea how pasteurized cream acts, so caveat emptor.

See, it even separates further upon thawing.

And into the mixer they go.  I did two different batches and warmed up the cream more to room temp than leaving it cold.  Only takes me a time or two before I learn my lesson.  Usually.

See, starting to ‘curdle’ up.

Finished products.  Buttermilk (used in a quadruple batch of waffles) and like 3lbs of butter.  It’s a *big* Pyrex container.

See what happens when you cook?  A lot?  Yeah.  My dish fairy ran off with the laundry fairy.  @#$%^’n fairy.

The above photo didn’t quite do it justice.

Elderberries from my neighbor the other day.  And tomatoes he gave us because he couldn’t get through them all by himself.  I still need to do something with the elderberries.

I made yogurt popsicles.  I’ve tried with my own batches of yogurt and flavoring it, but it’s just not a big hit.  So yeah, this is commercially made yogurt.  But still.

They love it when I tell them ‘of course!’ when they ask for a [yogurt] popsicle and they get all happy about it. 

Since the others were posing, he needed to pose with his chocolate milk.  Man.  How did he get so big?!?  He’ll be 9yo in a few weeks.  Holy smokes.  I started this blog back when he was a little toddler of an only child.

This month’s basic menu plan.  Ish.  I’m just using stuff from the freezer/pantry, so it’s nothing *too* exciting, but it’s ours.  I never (ever!) follow it to the letter, I just have stuff on hand for all/most of this.


3 thoughts on “Perpetual food post

  1.          Elderberries make wonderful coughsytup…I don’t have the link now but google it and you should find it.  Takes 3 cups for a full batch.  My dish and laundry fairy took off also, think they went on vacation together?  If you don’t find that recipe shoot me an e mail & I’ll find the link.

  2. @katidids – I *do* have a recipe for a cough/cold syrup, it has cinnamon and ginger and honey and glycerine in it, I have a stash of that in the freezer (and a smidge in the fridge).  Still trying to figure out whether I could can something like that (or if canning zeroes out the helpfulness) or without the glycerine or whatnot (it’s an emulsifier I believe).  Part of why I bugged my neighbor for some of her elderberries last year, and why her widow told me to go whole hog harvesting them this year, so I have two entire trees of berries.  Aka, a ton (at least to me).  Been debating trying to de-stem them now that they’re frozen (supposed to be easier?) and just dehydrate those little suckers so I can rehydrate them later for syrup and such so I can use my freezer for critters that need to stay frozen…@FarmerCathy – No, I don’t add salt to the butter.  There’s like 3-4 salt containers in the kitchen at any given time (right now TJ’s sea salt is in the measured/spinny thing, Real Salt and Real Garlic Salt are on the wall, and Himalayan pink salt is on the counter next to a container of kosher salt), and hubby and the kids tend to salt things on their own.  Plus some of the recipes I use call for unsalted butter, so meh.  Easier this way.  Well, as easy as making butter *can* be I suppose.Mixer takes….  like 20-30 minutes?  I don’t know.  I turn it on and wander off to check email or do dishes or whatever.  It’s a Bosch with little suction cups on the feet so it doesn’t dance off the counter, so I don’t have to babysit it.  The most difficult thing for me is the rinsing and getting all the buttermilk/liquid out of the darn stuff.  Still working on refining that process.

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