It’s finally huckleberry time!!

Nope, these aren’t the garden huckleberries/ground cherries or whatever you occasionally hear about. 

The bushes are just dripping with huckleberries this year.  Tends to go in 3-year cycles, hence the excitement.  Last year was awful.    Can’t quite see the berries from here?

How about a closeup?  Look at this one for a few minutes, study it a la Euell Gibbons, then look at the above photo again.  Oh yes.  Dripping with berries.  Don’t worry, it took me a good 5 minutes of being in the forest before I got my ‘huckleberry glasses’ on again for the year.  Once you get used to what you’re looking for, it’s easy peasy.

Hubby and I managed to pick about a gallon total between the two of us, in about an hour and twenty minutes – with squealy/whiny kids around and hubby going down to the car every 15-20 minutes to dump off our berries and help the kids with some snack.

So I took the larger three containers and whizzed them around.

And turned them into jam.  One with sugar I think, the other with blackberry honey.  Or some other flavor honey.  Yum.

Not pictured is a huckleberry cheesecake that was made a few days later.


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