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So.  I’ve been out to prove dentists wrong.  Every time I’ve asked, I’ve been told that teeth and tooth decay absolute, 100% cannot be healed.  I call foul. 

In January 2012, the pediatric dentist found a little surface cavity back on one of my 6yo’s molars.  It was fairly sticky, and very well on it’s way to have the potential to get worse.  See that little brown spot on the tooth?  It’s at a very awkward angle to try and take a photo of, so sorry.  But this is fairly clear for what kind of camera I can get into a 6yo’s mouth.

Moving on.  So we made an appointment in February to get the cavity sanded out, a filling put in, and he kept pressuring me about sealants (I’m still quite on the fence with that one, but leaning towards no).  So because of the cavity, I decide to get him and the 8yo and now-4yo on a xylitol and floride regimen a la Dr. Ellie Phillips.  The kids brush with xylitol toothpaste/toothgel or Tom’s of Maine, and use ACT fluoride mouthwash.  I also dole out xylitol mints throughout the day to me, the 2yo, 4yo, 6yo and 8yo. 

February 2012 the 6yo has his appointment.  I ask the dentist to check the tooth first.  To see if the decay got any worse, or if it had gotten better.  It hadn’t gotten worse.  In fact, it wasn’t near as sticky as it had been.  Huh, how about that.  I asked him to take measurements of the spot, and sorta asked his permission (well, as much as I ask permission about doing stuff to my own children) to do a few things at home and see what other progress I could make, since it wasn’t an emergency kind of deal.  Made another appointment for a few months out.

May 2012.  We have our quick check again.  The decay wasn’t sticky.  At all.  It was hard.  I asked the dentist to check, and then to take measurements of the brown spot, but he’d already looked at the chart and the previous measurements so he said there was no change.  Sigh.  So since it wasn’t getting worse, we went on home to see what else I could do in the next few months until the kids’ next cleaning.

Here’s my 4yo’s little cavity in question.  Right on the front teeth.  Sigh.  It hasn’t gotten any bigger in the 6-7 months since we first found it (I can’t remember whether her appt was in December 2011 or January 2012).  I’ve been keeping an eye on it.

These photos above were taken on June 17, 2012.  We all started taking fermented cod liver oil and butter oil on June 16th, 2012.  In addition to cutting out oats (man, you know how hard that is when the kids love your cheap and homemade granola?!?), having switched to raw milk, and also using butter for most anything we need it for – toast, on veggies with some RealSalt, whatever.  We’re not afraid of good fats around here.  We shall see where mommy’s crazy research takes us.

Which brings us to July 23, 2012.  The 8yo, 6yo and 4yo had checkups today.  In the x-rays, the 6yo and 2yo and 8yo all had the same minimal problem areas that we’d been watching for the last six months.  Those problem areas hadn’t changed (except maybe microscopically?) from what they could see with their eyes and with x-rays. 
The 8yo has the butting-up-against each other molar sides in the back that we’re watching.  They have potential to get bad, but haven’t. 
The 6yo still has that same little brown spot.  Still about 2-2.5mm by almost 1mm or so.  Hasn’t gotten bigger, hasn’t gotten *noticeably* smaller.
The 4yo…  poor girl.  The cavity in her two front teeth hasn’t changed, but it’s still there.  *I* want it to go away.  And then her two farthest back molars are now sticky.    So I’m going to be fairly aggressive with the floride mouthwash and FCLO with her.

So, I’m just going to keep doing what we’re doing and see how things go in the next several months.  Our next checkup is in February. 

But.  My 4yo has two more sticky molars.  She got fillings last year on the first set of bottom molars, now her second set of molars is sticky.    It’s not bad, but if it doesn’t improve, and fast, in the next few months, she’ll need fillings this winter.  I think the poor thing inherited my crappy teeth.    She might be the one we let them do a sealant on the adult teeth with.

So, we’re going to keep doing the xylitol mints.
The kids keep brushing with either Tom’s of Maine or Spry xylitol toothpaste.
The kids keep rinsing with ACT Floride mouthwash.  This is where I’d been slacking with the 4yo because she detests the whole mouthwash thing.  No more.  Even if I have to paint it on with a set aside paintbrush or a q-tip. 
And keep on giving the FCLO/butter oil.  I’ve only been doing it about once every 5-7 days as our bodies get used to it (every day for three days kinda threw our systems into a tailspin, it wasn’t pretty), but will work up to more like every day or every other day. 
I’d also minimized how much oatmeal we were eating (as in, none for a month), but I may let that come back on an infrequent basis.  I cut it because of the phytic acid (more phytic acid = harder for body to digest needed nutrients = harder for body to heal itself and repair teeth among other things).  Once I get my bearings, I may try soaking things with the whey leftover from yogurt or the buttermilk leftover from making butter, but one thing at a time.  I’m hopeful the FCLO will work kinda magically for them. 

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5 thoughts on “Dental Miscellaneous

  1. What is butter oil, and where can I get Xylitol mints? Do you think a health food/vitamin store would carry them?)It’s hard to get raw milk, but we do have a local supplier of cold (minimally) pasteurized milk. My husband’s lactose intolerance has completely disappeared, but the milk tastes so good we run through a gallon so quickly!

  2. i agree with you that cavities can be healed! have you read the mommypotamus blog? there is a bunch of into on there about natural tooth healing. also personally i would look into the flouride. i think that it can do a lot more harm than good. just my opinion in light of the research i have done. maybe do a little google research yourself

  3. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Butter oil is basically ghee.  You can do your own thing with just eating regular butter, or even make your own ghee and putting it in capsules.  I’m lazy-ish, so I just got the combo bottle here.  Xylitol mints (although we do the berryblast, more like a tame skittle) are at three local health food/supplement stores here in the middle of nowhere, so you should be able to find those locally down there.  Cheapest online cost I’ve found is through Vitacost, or sometimes Amazon.  I have a little one in my purse, a big one in the van, a big one in the kitchen.  šŸ™‚@kristen – I know, the fluoride is one of those hit or miss things…  But, the only exposure we have to it is *from* the mouthwash.  It’s not in our drinking water or in the kids’ toothpaste or anything.  I’ve got horrible teeth, and if doing a once daily fluoride rinse keeps them from that experience…  One thing at a time though.  šŸ™‚

  4. One thing I’ve read is that the glycerin in most toothpastes coats the teeth and doesn’t let the teeth remineralize. I’ve been just using tooth soap.  The recipes I’ve found on-line still have the glycerin in it so I’ve been meaning to try out my own recipe from the very expensive tooth soap I’ve been buying, so I’m working on getting to that.  Then there is remineralizing toothpastes.  It’s easy to make them at home and only need to be used after regular brushing once a week.  I haven’t had a long enough time to test this theory on myself yet.  We’ll see what my next dentist appt. shows.  Here are some links:    he has a video on there worth looking at  she has a lot of great articles about teeth.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  šŸ™‚

  5. I found you through you comment at KeeperofHome.  If you haven’t read of ‘oil pulling’ that is something to consider as it may help with teeth remineralizing (I’m unsure as I haven’t read about it lately but have done oil pulling a few times myself.)I found a toothpaste recipe (I’m going to try soon, I don’t have whole cloves & am not sure how to adapt recipe to cloves/essential oils) is where I buy my essential oils, bentonite clay, Berkey & other items… (my referral link)

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