Tour of my purse

It’s a lovely leather number.

I’m a mom, so yes, it’s stuffed full.

Wanna see what’s inside it?

That’s right.  All that, shoved into my mommy purse.  My notebook/brain.  Diapers and wipes for the 2yo.  Checkbook, wallet, band-aid/gauze first aid kit, glasses cloth.  Tums, inhalers, hydrocortizone.  Chapstick, some homeopathic allergy stuff, my own hippie first aid kit (arnica cream, aloe gel, hydrated clay, rescue remedy, arnica pellets, lip balm, herbal salve, eye drops, swiss army knife, bobby pin), Spry mints.  Tiny sewing kit, keys, pens, sunglasses, my old school cell phone I sometimes answer, my camera.  And then the kid stuff.  Little notebooks with tiny crayons, a tic tac box with beans/beads, alphabet die (I have 3 more at home), and a little first aid kit turned chalkboard (chalk and a napkin are inside, chalkboard contact paper on lid inside and out).

And just because the baby’s cute. 

He desperately needed a haircut.  Had a major fit when hubby went to take him to get his hair cut.  So he was still super shaggy and fuzzy.  Sigh.  Guess I get to keep haphazardly cutting his hair for another year or so.  Check out his haircut in the previous entry, I think these were my sorta before photos before I attacked him in the bathtub (easy cleanup!).

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3 thoughts on “Tour of my purse

  1. I have been trying to cut back on the amount of stuff I bring out with me.  I have tried bringing a smaller bag, but it just ends up overflowing and I can’t find anything!  I love the little kids craft ideas though!  I might have to try that out!

  2. @Heather – I swear, those kid activities have saved my bacon more than a few times in the last week.  At completely unexpected times too.  Like last week when we went to a park with a creek – my 6yo slipped and decided he didn’t want to play anymore, so he came to sit next to me on the blanket.  I gave him a few choices of things, and he happily drew for a while until he was ready to brave the creek again.  Or tonight to keep the 2yo occupied while the 8yo and I went through the buffet line at the church potluck.  It’s actually been really, really handy to have those on hand in my purse.  😀

  3. Wow that purse carries a lot of good stuff!!For the record,  we are still cutting our son’s hair.  He prefers it that way….LOL  Actually,  we’ve all been cutting our own hair for years.

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