The older three and I went strawberry picking.  Not too bad, actually.  17.35 pounds.  The 6yo was my little picking helper, the 4yo did a little picking, the 8yo avoided anything besides flailing around the strawberry field.

Yeah, those are my strange little kids.  I look weird, but hey.  I’ve never claimed to be photogenic.

Had a productive Friday…  Made a ton of yogurt pops.  One set of fruit (strawberry, raspberry jam, blueberry juice), other set of chocolate.  I had a gallon of yogurt that needed a use.

2yo really likes them. 

It’s pretty cute.  Oh, I also cut his hair.  I forgot to post before and after photos.  He looks like a boy now, not so much a little fuzzy-headed baby.

Boiling down chicken stock so I can do something with it.  Used to be 16 quarts, now it’s about 3.5 quarts.

During the day of food prep while a friend was watching the kids, I also made three pans of enchiladas.

And two pans of hashbrown casserole – with no soups.  Just spices, yogurt (that I had in the fridge that needed used up), ricotta (not in the recipe, but again, I needed to use some up), and rehydrated hash browns.  Next time I need to go easier on the pepper. 

Also made some bread, one loaf I tried using a butter-cinnamon-honey syrup left from another recipe to turn one loaf into cinnamon bread.  Jury’s still out.

Mmm, fresh baked bread.  Yeah, it was 2am because I can’t turn on the oven during the day right now.  Far left loaf is the one with the cinnamon swirl.  Need to work on my technique.

And me ‘fresh’ from strawberry picking with the 2yo.  Not exactly looking the most svelte, especially with strawberry stains on my legs, but still.


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