I finally planted!

Overview of the garden.

I pruned the poor apple tree.  And hacked away at bits of the lilac.  I’m definitely not a professional.

Blackberries.  I need to weed and mulch these poor things. 
A grape will go in that spot in the front, but not *that* grape.

The big ass grapevine.

This is what a lilac looks like when you let it go  nuts.  That’s my kitchen up off the floor there beside the giant monstrosity.

Lilies aren’t quite ready to bloom, but they’re getting there.

Raised beds.  Spent a ton of yesterday making this all look pretty and planted.

The strawberry and lettuce bed.  Still need to weed it, but it still looks decent.

One of the beds I planted.  Um….  This is the asparagus, basil, tomato and celery bed.

Other raised bed.  Potato in tire.  Bolting lettuce, seed-setting leeks, a turnip or beet or two setting seed.  Tomatoes, celery, shallots, garlic, broccoli (that’s bolting, but still).  Plantain (I think/hope), arnica, boneset, lemon verbena.

Mostly tomatoes, basil, and I planted zucchini at the front of each little row.
On the cattle panel behind, it’s half sown with cucumbers, the rest may or may not be peas.  We’ll see if I get around to it.  Yup, totally late/slow this year.  It happens.


Monday’s Homestead Barn Hop


2 thoughts on “I finally planted!

  1. Looking good!  We are so dry it’s nuts.  Hottest summer on record 8-/  .  I love the grape vines, looks like you could make some really big wreath’s and have home made christmas gifts

  2. @katidids – I know, it’s wild.  Usually by now we’ve had to bust out some sprinkler of some sort, but we’ve had thunderstorm after thunderstorm here, complete with wild light shows.  Upside is that we haven’t had to water, and if those plants can survive the wind and hail, the seeds we get from ’em should be pretty awesome.

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