Cleaning out the freezer

I don’t have any before photos.  But trust me, it was pretty scary.  Think “Hoarders – Freezer Edition.”  Things stuffed in every which way, all disorganized, you name it.  Oh, and the [cardboard] boxes I stash things in the freezer with?  Completely frozen to the ice buildup.

Thawing.  See the still-stuck box there?  Oh yeah, class all the way here.  And a bonus tip of the day?  Those old prefolds (cloth diapers for those not familiar with the term) freakin’ rock for absorbing up all the drip. 

Sure, my 1984 freezer (which, btw, see how the bronze in the door matches my 1970’s linoleum perfectly?) has a little plug in the bottom with a hose to drain, but that only works if you have an accessible drain in the area.  Our drain is uphill, under the washer.  Aka, unusable, unless there’s 3 inches of water there.  In which case, we’ve got bigger problems.

Ah, all organized and roomy. 
I’ll have plenty of room for the 80lbs of chicken I’m getting next week. 
Want a quick tour?

Top shelf = Shredded cheese and egg rolls in a little box, chicken louisianne sauce in the blue-lidded freezer containers, chicken nuggets, casserole of mac & cheese, bread. 
Second shelf = Jams, popsicles, box of chicken breasts in dinner-sized portions, box of vacuum sealed sausage portions.
Third shelf = More jam (vanilla bean strawberry, strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb, huckleberry), elderberry honey/cough syrup, smushed banana, broccoli, gallon of blueberries, some other things in the popsicle box (not popsicles).
Bottom bin = Two bags of freezer-burnt chicken thighs (will turn into chicken stock), two turkey breasts.

Door shelves, top = bagels, ham & cheese croissants, butter.
Second shelf = hot dogs, probiotics, blueberries.
Third shelf = butter, blueberries, juices.
Fourth shelf = stuffed green peppers, cherries, already-roasted turkey breast, cooked diced chicken, pre-cut chicken strips.
Bottom shelf = Lots of fish – salmon, steelhead or copper river salmon (I have an assortment), few chubs of ground beef (rest of the beef is in the deep freeze in the garage), cheese to later shred up since frozen cheese doesn’t act the same after freezing.

The homemade elderberry (cough) syrup.  I was using up some frozen elderberry juice from my neighbors last year.  I need to go over there and chat with them sometime soon, but can’t take germs (recovering from chemo).


One thought on “Cleaning out the freezer

  1. wow the Fridge looks amazing! look at all that food ..yummy 🙂 you sure can Organize ! I admire that in you ..with all you do ..You  always do things perfect when you get the time to do them! Looks fantastic

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