Hardly a thing planted

And it’s about July.  Yeah, we’re awesome that way.  Good thing it’s not the pioneer days of plant or starve to death I suppose. 

Some hired help went through here and sifted out rocks and big weeds, but enough time passed that weeds grew back.  😦  Hubby didn’t have a chance to put up my trellis for a while, and I haven’t had a chance to get out there and plant a blasted thing (between kids and hail and pouring rain, yeah).

I did go out with the pruning shears the other day.  Pruned the apple tree so we still have a walkway, some of the lilac to the side of it, and the purply tree behind the raspberries.

My leeks are apparently going to seed, the broccoli didn’t do much besides start going to seed, and my lettuce is also a bit warm and has bolted.  Figures.  Also have turnips and/or beets going to seed, and then some shallots.

In the tire?  A single potato plant.  A leftover potato in the garden from last year that didn’t shrivel up all gooey and gross.
Above the tire on the right are random garlic that took root over in the grass elsewhere (I yanked the pathetic garlic, but didn’t cure it, and it just hung out all year long on the grass), and on the left is plantain.  I think.

View of the un-jungle like backyard.  My hired help did that for me (mowed the lawn, attacked things with the weed whacker, dug up a trench next to the house for us to put weed cloth and rocks).  It was a happy day. 

Give a child a box, and they’ll play for hours.

Trying to pilfer his brother’s car book.

My first try at yogurt.  I was trying the crockpot type method, but with my 8-qt pot and dehydrator.  This batch, I got ricotta.  Whoops.  Now to make something to use up the ricotta.

Success!  No *this* is what yogurt’s supposed to look like.  I just had to bust out my meat thermometer to keep an eye on the temps.

Finished and flavored yogurt.  From l-r, raspberry, plain, vanilla bean, peach.  It’s not as smooth/gel-like as the store stuff, but so far the kids seem to like it.

BLT the other day.  Bread I’d baked myself (need to make another batch), lettuce from the greenhouse, tomato from the farmer’s market.

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2 thoughts on “Hardly a thing planted

  1. I was a tad bit behind, but the garden is going crazy now, but we leave in 3weeks to move to WI.  😦  Another year, another garden left behind and this is a good one.  Our tenant will be happy though, its going to produce for her as long as she takes care of it and all my mint plants.  She could make some mean mojitos.  🙂  I’ve been making sun tea with the mint when its sunny enough and I remember, so good.  Oh well, maybe in the next year or two we will both have glorious gardens again.  I’m hoping in two years we will be in our forever home and I can have a big ‘ol garden.

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