The saga of chicken stock

Yup, go big or go home.  Here it is, starting to simmer.

I forgot to take a photo of the straining setup I had.  It took a while to strain this much stock.  Like a day.  I filled up a good four containers with the leftover mush that I had to throw away (animal bit in the compost = not gonna happen).  It’s a big pot.
Strained the stock through a plain mesh strainer into a 4-qt pot, then that got strained through a metal mesh + napkin (my cheesecloth substitute) into an 8-qt pot.  Which then…

Got put into these suckers to refrigerate overnight so I could skim a little fat off the top.  Fourteen (14!) quarts of chicken stock, in case you’re curious.

Getting the stock all poured into the proper containers, rims wiped down with vinegar, and ready for the lids and the canner outside.  Yes, once I got the hang of the propane camp stove, I’ve been using it a ton.

Some of the finished fun.  Yup, I have a bunch of Tattler lids, and used only them for this canning round. 

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