Being told off by a 2yo

He was… uh… upset at me.  Like I wouldn’t give him the entire canister of gummy bears or something.

Oh yeah, he’s telling me.  So funny the big personality and opinions in such a little package.

I’m a mean mommy.  I made the older boys fold their laundry.  The 8yo has still refused, so his basket of clean clothes is still in my closet.  He’ll eventually run out of underwear…
Anyway, the 6yo decided he was going to cooperate with me, and fold his own clothes.  I had been busy trying to get the chicken stock in jars and in the canner (it takes time!), and told him I’d be up to help him as soon as I was done.  I finally got upstairs, and saw this.    He had remembered how me or hubby or the 8yo had shown him to fold stuff a while back, and had gotten started.  He got it all folded, and then put away in his dresser.

No, his clothes aren’t folded up perfectly.  But hey, that comes with time and experience, and actually caring if your clothes have wrinkles.  Most of the time I only partially fold their clothes anyway.  Heck, we don’t do any matching of socks in this household (well, okay, I do, but that’s because I wear matching socks and have various different patterns).  The kids’ socks all get dumped in a corner of their dresser, and they get to root around in there come getting-dressed time.  It’s a real-life science/math experience with matching and all. 

I found this amazing idea on pinterest.  It was used for, well, I can’t remember.  Probably something office, possibly homeschool, but I can’t remember.  As soon as I saw it, there was no stopping me.  The kids went with me to Staples (ugh, that wasn’t my smartest move), and we picked this sucker up.

One of my struggles is keeping our current/in-use homeschooling books right nearby so they’re easy to grab and use.  I tried a separate box for the older 2/3, tried combining all into one giant box to haul around the house, and yeah.  It was okay, but never really worked spectacularly for us.
Well, here we go.  This is the green cabinet next to the fridge in the dining room/kitchen.  Topped with homeschool supplies.

The general read-alouds are in the big inside section, along with some construction paper (you always need construction paper it seems).  The outer sections around have reading lessons, drawing book/paper for the 3yo and 2yo, math, and handwriting.  With freshly sharpened pencils in one corner, and markers in another corner.

The CD’s aren’t there permanently, I just needed to stash them somewhere quickly that day.  We’ll see how it works out after some use.  I’m hopeful.  Plus hubby thinks it’s actually pretty cool, too.  We like spinning things around here. 


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