Life’s been keeping us busy

Last week I had some bonus boys over while their mom was in the ER/hospital for an emergency kind of thing.  Holy crap, 6 kids = a lot of dirty dishes.  I know this is bad, but I was kind of relieved when I didn’t have to keep them overnight.  I have a hard enough time getting my own four down to bed, adding a few extras that have had their routine all messed up?  Kinda scared me.  But the kids all had fun and wore themselves out for a few days, so they thought it was great. 

Oh!  We also found a little farm that sells raw milk.  !!!!  I’ve been looking for years, but most options were like $7-$10/gallon.  Uh, that ain’t gonna work.  We don’t have *that* kind of money laying around.  But a friend gave me some info, and now we’ve got a more budget-friendly milk/egg/cow hookup.  Just need to nail down some details, but we may get a cow from them in the fall as well.     Only slight drawback is that the farm’s a bit off the beaten trail, but I’m counting it as school time since I can pop an audio book or CD in the van and away we go.  I’ll deal with the winter weather when it comes, until then, we’ve got milk!  And lots of cream.  I gave the kids the choice of making ice cream or butter with the cream.  I’ll let you guess which one they chose. 

The 8yo and his love of all things Lego.

If I want peace and quiet from him for an hour or four, I just need to print out some lego instructions, and away he goes.

Today’s big deal (for me, hubby’s been tackling different projects) was getting my giant pot of chicken stock going.  The girl’s solidly in 4T clothing, almost 5T clothing, if that gives you an idea of the size of this pot.  Go big or go home I suppose.

I’d been meaning to for a while.  I had garlic scapes and all manner of chicken bits, freezer burnt chicken, carcasses in the freezer.  Thyme I clipped right then from the front yard.  Need to use up the dehydrated celery I’ve got (uh, yeah, that stuff doesn’t reconstitute like you’d hope, so not really edible), had some on-their-last-leg carrots in the fridge, and some of the last of the 50lb bag of onions hubby got me last fall.  6yo counted out some peppercorns for me, and he and the 4yo ferried down a ton of water from the sink to dump into the pot for me while I was finishing cutting up onions.


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