No rhyme or reason

That’s right, no rhyme or reason to my thoughts/photos today. 

I made some knockoff Vick’s shower discs.  They’re still a bit crumbly, need to tweak it a bit.  Baking soda, water, and Thieve’s Oil.  Need to try one in the shower tomorrow, haven’t had a chance to use one yet (but I’ve let the kids use a few).

The 8yo went and smashed his index finger in a metal gate a few days ago.  It looks bad, but really, it’s not bad.  Hubby kinda freaked, thinking it was broken or whatever.  Nope, just squished/bruised/scalped.  I haven’t broken as many bones as him in my past, but hey, I’ve got common sense and my first aid kit and the ever-accurate mommy intuition.

So the few hours after this happened I had the kid downing arnica like it was going out of style, giving him kids’ Rescue Remedy to calm him down, and slathering the finger in an herbal salve I’ve got on hand.  Instead of bandaids, I’ve also been using a non-stick gauze bandage I MacGuyver on with cloth tape (have you used regular gauze on an ouchy? they stick, ouch!!).  Reminds me, I need to get more of the gauze.

Made a boatload of ham/cheese croissants for the freezer.  Fairly easy to put together (I don’t move as fast as I probably could), and easy to warm up.  Yay!

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