The weather went and got nice

So we went out in the yard.  Some were more helpful than others (ahem, the 2yo), but I still feel quite successful for the day.

These twigs/sticks don’t look like much, but trust me, they’re awesome.

The herb pot.  Sage is greening back up, but the leaves haven’t gotten all that fuzzy yet.  The creeping thyme is going bonkers, yay!  And the oregano is finally coming back up.  Sweet!

The main garden bed.  With a giant pile of something.  Weeds or torched grass/weeds?  Hubby broke out the flamethrower today.  He had fun.  So did the 8yo – he got to be in charge of the hose.

Weeded, mulched, and soaked the poor pear trees.  The whole pot used to be full of weeds, it was awful.  Now the happy little trees can concentrate on growing and not fighting. 

Where a nice chunk of my day went…  I yanked the pansies and parsley from one raised bed so we can torch what was in it and sift and adjust where the raised bed is maybe.  Had the 8yo help me fill up the wall-o-water, need to get a few more of those prepped.  Weeded three lily pots, planted the two peach trees (Red Haven and Reliance if you’re curious), watered the blueberry bush, weeded a baby plum tree.  I swear, from all the random extra little baby plants we have around here, I could probably just start selling plants out of the front yard.  The 3yo helped me pot up nine maple tree seedlings because ‘aww, they’re so cute!’

And the other part of my weeding day.  I managed to clear out this bed of everything I didn’t want  Seems I missed a few potatoes last year, and eww, those were kinda deflated and gross by the time I dug them up.  Looks like I have some beets and parsnips going to seed of all things, so, so, so many shallots, and some leeks that survived.  I found some garlic bulbs today, and will likely plop those somewhere around here, just to see.

The other two raised beds out there…  Hubby and I haven’t come to a conclusion on what to do…  could take out the bed in the foreground and put in two smaller 3-foot wide beds and have smaller footpaths (he wasn’t fond of my idea of yanking both of these beds and putting 3 total so I have room to move the asparagus over here), or we could just extend the main garden bed out 1.5-2 feet (he’s already having to torch and dig up those areas to put down gravel for walkways to keep the weeds/grass out of the garden…).  I don’t know.  Decisions, decisions.

Raspberries are kinda happy.  Damn.

The strawberry bed that got some love today. 

Hubby dug up the outside of the beds, laid down weedcloth, and covered in about two inches of gravel.  We hate weeds.  Then he was a peach and sprayed them all down with fish fertilizer.  All that’s left is for me to sprinkle the diatomacous earth and then mulch with my chopped straw.  Maybe.  We’ll see, maybe I’ll use the straw for tomatoes instead, this bed looks so happy and pretty.

We already even have a few blossoms, a total trip.

View of the yard from over by the greenhouse in the back corner.

View from the other corner by the shed.  Yes, we’re still working on finding homes for all the toys and other fun stuff in the yard.  Juggling this many kids and keeping them active outside for hours and hours can be a challenge sometimes (sometimes not, but still).


2 thoughts on “The weather went and got nice

  1. You made a lot of progress in a short time!  Looks like you have a number of nice raised beds to work with.  Should be green everywhere soon. 

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