Took advantage of the nice weather

Yesterday I weeded the strawberry bed and hubby dug up the weeds on the outside edge of the strawberry bed.

It looks so, so, so much nicer now.  Just need to snag a few more strawberry plants to fill in the empty spots, fertilize, and mulch.  I found a bag of chopped straw at a farm and feed store, score!  Cost a smidge more than a bale of straw and mowing it with the lawnmower, but for this gal that has heinous allergies, the few extra bucks are well worth it.

I also pulled a few of the mullein plants and plopped those suckers into pots.  They should do okay.  Will need to read up on when I need to harvest leaves or seeds or whatever though, and stick that in my calendar.

Day before that, I went nuts in the greenhouse.  First, you can see my tiny little tomato seedlings back there.  The Alaska Fancy ones tend to catch up before too long, even though I started seeds a little later.

Keeping this lettuce in a holding pattern until this week maybe.

Planted two of the Brandywines in the bag of compost.  We’ll see how that works.

Basil and celery are under the dome.  The pot full of green is little lettuce seedlings I yoinked while weeding the greenhouse.  Last year I let a bunch of lettuce/spinach go to seed, but never got around to collecting the seed.  So, ahem, the greenhouse floor did it for me.  I love going at things the lazy way sometimes.  I’m constantly surprised by something fun, even if my yard isn’t pretty and perfect. 

Yup, used to be full of weeds.  Now there’s just a bunch of mostly self-sown lettuce seedlings.  Well, a bunch of them I moved around to different locations to spread them out, but still.

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