Spring garden already? Sure, why not.

Yeah, asparagus is popping up.

I only got part of the asparagus bed weeded.

The Back 40.  We need to dig up the surviving fruit trees, weed whack, and then hubby gets to break out the blow torch (I get to hang on to the hose, more my speed).  Then maybe once we get the chipper up, this back 40 will become our wood chip storage area.  🙂

This little blueberry is so, so, so much happier in a pot than it’s ever been in the ground.  Whatever, I’m good with it.  Sure looks pretty all weeded and starting to leaf out, eh?

The less-happy blueberry.  It’s still alive, I saw some fresh growth on it.  Still need to weed it though.  Poor thing.  Also, a purple/white pansy in there.  Cute.

Hubby tilled the main bed for me.  I’ll likely see about having him keep on tilling it like once a week until I plant, just to keep the weeds down.  Still need/want to shift the grapevine around, hopefully we’ll have a chance to do that this year.


Rhubarb.  Such a funny looking plant.


Can you see the purple asparagus between all the weeds?  Yeah.  Weeds are my downfall.

Parsley’s leafing up.

Mullein in the strawberry bed.  Debating pulling the mullein out and putting into pots.  Want to harvest it this year for various things.

Oh lookie there, some mullein already in a pot.  Hah, funny how that works.

I think this is one of the deep purple lilacs.  We’ll see, when it flowers.

Lettuce and some beets or turnips and shallots.

The greenhouse.  And a little cutie pie in his boots.  I needed to weed it.

Badly.  The little cutie makes it less scary in there though, eh?

Got chives?  I swear, they’re taking over the world.

Yup, he’s quite pleased with himself and playing outside.

Broccoli.  It’s sending out it’s side shoots now.  They’re tiny, but there.

Greenhouse flats.  Things are still sprouting.  I was a bit behind this year.

First official harvest of the year.  A cute little head of broccoli.

Second harvest?  2.1 ounces of asparagus.  If I harvested like commercial folks, it’d be more.  I just snap off the top, edible part, I just leave the tough bottom part there in the patch.  I’m lazy that way.


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