Garden greenness.

Monday Homestead Barn Hop.

Huh.  We may actually be having part of spring.  That’s kind of a trip.

I kinda transplanted the blueberry bush.  Same pot, but I had to dump everything out to get all the established weeds out of it.  It looks much nicer right now.

Oooh, pear blossoms!

(In the background you can see the lettuce and leeks, and there’s also shallots hiding over there too.)

See, I need to weed the pear tree buckets, too.  Vicious cycle, these weeds.  Or if we get things going how I have an idea, the pears might actually be finding a home in the ground.  We’ll see.  Another year in pots won’t hurt them.

First potential pansy blooms!  I got a bunch of clearanced pansies last year to plant in the middle of our garden beds where I have a hard time weeding/harvesting anyway.  Bees like flowers, flowers look pretty, it works.  You can also see some of my perpetual parsley there, too.  I love letting things go to seed, even if it means I have parsley and cilantro for perpetuity.

Blurry photo, but up comes some horseradish!

Lilacs have started budding.  Need to prune those suckers this year.

Raspberries gone wild.  A friend is going to come help me weed and remulch these this year, in exchange for whatever canes she wants to dig up and take with her.  Because, well, I have some to spare.

See the pretty raspberry leaves starting?

My sage and creeping thyme seem to be doing well.  In a neglected pot nonetheless.  I’ll likely need to dump the pot and re-do it as well.  Whatever.  I like having partly indestructible things.

The pretty wood rack hubby built by the raspberries.  Yup, that’s the shell for the back of his pickup, doubling as a roof to keep the wood dry.  We’re all about multipurpose here.  Oh, and that pile of bark?  Once we get my mom’s chipper up here (need to take the truck down there since the chipper won’t fit in my mom’s Camry) hubby’s going to attack all our bark from all the firewood and turn it into our very own pile of mulch to use.  Yeehaw!

In the greenhouse…
Basil’s already popping up…  (the big green you see there is lettuce I got from a local greenhouse to supplement my plantings until my seedlings get going)

Marigolds are popping up…

And a few tomatoes are popping up.  Alaska Fancy was the first to pop up, then what may or may not be Principe Borghesa (the little leaves don’t look like tomato leaves, so I’m reserving judgement), and then the other day I saw Beaverlodge Plum and Glacier seedlings. 

And if you look off to the left there, you’ll see a little 4-pack of tomatoes.  Brandywine to be exact.  I have no idea where my Brandywine seeds went, so I’m just going at it this way this year.  I can save seeds from these at the end of the season and be good to go again.  Going to plant them directly in the greenhouse to give them a better chance at a longer season.  Because a few years ago when I planted a Brandywine?  I got like one or three tomatoes.  From the entire plant.  So yeah, I moved on to other, shorter season, more prolific tomatoes.  Like Alaska Fancy.  Hubby loves the taste of them, they’re prolific, and they’re used to cool-ish weather.  Win-win.


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