Who knew, clay baths

First, kid accomplishments.

This particular 2yo has been having a blast out in the yard this brief spring.

He didn’t get out much in the yard last year because I just didn’t have the energy/patience to keep him from getting soaked in mud daily, nor to keep him out of the precious garden beds.

The 8yo loaded the dishwasher for me this night.  He did fairly good, I just added that pot on the top rack.  Only had one casualty, and it was bound to happen at some point (another sippy cup lid melted on the element).  He did good.

I got some Redmond Clay through Azure Standard to try out.  I’m still fighting this ringworm crap, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Clear bathwater, ready for adding clay.  You’re supposed to get in the water and sit for a little and let the warm water/steam open up your pores before you start mixing in the clay.

So this is what the clay looked like after my bath.  Yeah, I know, it looks kinda weird.  The bowl has the un-bathed-in clay mixture in it, and you can see a little bit of a difference.

The next day after I let the clay settle overnight.  You’re not supposed to let the clay go down your plumbing pipes because it can do funny stuff.

Draining off the water.

Until I just have chunks of clay in the bottom of the tub.  Compare to the bowl of unused clay.  So it looks like I got a little bit of something out of my body from the bath.

Will be interesting to try again and see how much more the clay absorbs up from my body.  I may need to go find a willing friend with a garden tub though – mine’s not exactly easy to soak myself up to my neck in.

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