Seed are overtaking me!

Sigh.  This Barn Hop link really hates me, it never works right.  Whatever.

My big thing for today?  Restocking our car basket. 

Go me.
I know, I know, these aren’t all whole foods and blah blah blah.  But that’s not really my goal with this.  My goal is to have stuff in the car for when we’re out and about and kids are hungry/thirsty/need a new diaper.  Having kid sized water bottles or water squares or crackers or granola bars or applesauce pouches on hand means my 8yo can help hand out quick snacks to everyone while I keep driving to wherever we’re going (he sits in the middle next to the box, and can reach forwards and back).  Keeps them from declaring mutiny in the back seat until we get home and I can feed them something better/something else we have on hand in the house.  Plus it means I don’t have to go and spend money at a drive-thru to calm the natives.

Here the kids are, watching the 8yo do Reading Eggs.  They’re all enthralled, and hey, if they want to watch each other do it, rock on.

If the company didn’t go back on their word or had better customer service and less unappealing waffly stances, I’d totally recommend them.  Right now, I’ll just call myself an almost disgruntled customer.  We’ll see if that status changes in the future.

My seeds exploded on the table when I was rifling through them to plant the tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse. 

Starting to lay it all out on the floor to sort.

Aha, done!  Yeah, I have just a few seeds.  I wouldn’t have as many if I didn’t do my own seed saving, but it is what it is.  I’d rather have too many than too few.

I cut up some cardboard pieces I’d gotten from cases of yogurt (yes, when there’s a sale I buy it in the still-wrapped case – fits in the fridge easier!).  Worked out quite swimmingly I do believe.  I haven’t labeled my cardboard dividers yet, I may change my mind on my categories.  But it should be easier to track stuff down, at least slightly.

And, bummer, I couldn’t find the Brandywine seeds I thought I had.  Ah well, I’ll get the plants from the tomato lady to plant in the greenhouse.  Hubby wants a good (red!) slicer tomato this year, so I shall try my best.  I have other ones like San Marzano and Ananas Noire and such, but those don’t quite do it for him when he wants a regular old red tomato. 

That’s right, I saw this on the highway the other day.  It’s a school bus towing another school bus.  Seriously?  I had never seen this before.  Ever.  So I had to take a photo.


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