And glitter. Lots of glitter.

Have made some (calm-down) glitter jars for the kids.  Still working on my own perfect recipe, and I need to glue the lids permanently.
Here it is with the glitter all settled.

Shaken up to watch.

I found this lovely beauty while out and about the other day.  Yup, that’s right, a gallon jar.  Not sure exactly what I’m going to use it for, but yes, I had to have it.

Was organizing a bunch of craft stuff.  Camera battery died before I could take photos of the finished tubs though.
Here’s a bunch of the random sticks and poof balls and foam stickers.

A bunch of math/science supplies I’d had hidden.  Lookie there, a wooden Cuisenaire rod set and an acid rain test kit and pulleys and wires and magnets from MIL.  Works for me.

Consignment haul tonight.

Clothes in the size 12+ range for boys aren’t near as inexpensive as baby 12mo clothes.  Sigh.
So yes, various piles of more 10 pants, some 12 pants, and 14 pants.  I rifled through so, so, so many racks to find slim sized pants.

Also restocked the sandal stash, and a few extra swimsuits.

And found a few homeschool goodies.  A few math things, Ms. Frizzle, some Brainquest, and geoboards!  Sweet.


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