Because everyone loves before and after photos

Before.  The kitchen with some crap shoved behind doors, the rest of the crap sprawled all over the place.

After.  This was tonight after I got everything rearranged and put back away (and dragged a few things to the basement/Goodwill box/garbage).

Before.  With the doors open.  Oh yes, it’s jumbled.

I didn’t get a good photo of this as a before, but if you look above it’s the cabinet on the close upper left with the bright colored kid crap. 
But after?  Nice and roomy and easy to find stuff.
Yes, we do have some cereal.  I treat it more as a snack, rather than a meal, so whatever.  That upper left cabinet is a bitch for us shorter folks to get to, so the pitchers have gone to live there for a bit.  Under that, ceramic hot chocolate/tea mugs.  On the bottom right, a few snacks, some tea, Maga’s meds (when she’s here), my multi-vitamin and cal-mag that I really need to take more often, xylitol ‘mints’ and the kids gummy vitamins.

Now this?  Makes me happy.  Rather than have to climb on the counter to get to things, I can just reach up, grab the basket, plop on the counter, rifle though to find what I want, and things won’t get lost in the back of the high shelf.  Because they do, things get lost/forgotten up there.  It’s sad.

Contents…  Top is hubby’s and the kids’ overflow, including aloe vera gel.  Which, to be honest, we haven’t used as much due to very little sunburning happening, plus we have aloe plants in pots on the windowsill above the sink.
Next shelf down is kids’ various supplements and homeopathic fun on the right, and my box on the left.  My homeopathic goodies, more vitamins, supplements, and let’s not forget.  My sharpie, freezer tape, and post-it labels.  Sounds weird, but you’d be surprised how many times a day/week I need those suckers.

Before.  Oh good gracious.  That left upper corner cabinet sucks some ass.  The contractor/builders didn’t put in a lazy susan or anything helpful there, it’s just a far reaching abyss where crap goes to retire when we forget about it.  So annoying.  And not a whole lot I can do to fix the situation besides move things around every few years and confuse the hubby and kids.

After.  Still have my five-thousand-dollar mug up there, hi there mug!

I moved the mixing stuff up high where I can still reach it, and added baskets for the little dip bowls/containers and some lids.

The lazy susan.  Peek-a-boo!

Put all the major dishes down here.  So the kids can easily grab stuff and put away dishes for me.  That bin on the bottom there?  A lid wrangler to shove all the lids in.  Yeehaw.

I need to go get a few of those little shelf thingies so things aren’t stacked right on top of each other though.  Our glass pyrex/leftover containers are below as well.  Over the years we’ve shifted over to non-plastic storage (well, except the lids I suppose).

My baking cabinet.  Just cleared out the gross/old/whatever stuff, shoved the good stuff back in.

The cabinets below the upper baking cabinets.
Darn skippy I added baskets.  I’ve kept losing/forgetting stuff in the back of these things, and they weren’t built equipped with drawers that pull out.  Grrr.  Next time, if we get to build/design our own kitchen.

Yup, my crazy steamer pot in the back, my trusty 10yo crockpot, and a quesadilla maker.  We’re a crazy bunch, that’s for sure. 

What’s in those green bins.  Mostly bread products (they won’t get as squished!) and a few snacky things (puffed peas, chips, whatever).  Easy to pull out, see what’s what, and put it back.  That’s what I like – it’ll go back in all organized like.

Look at that pretty, cleaned off counter!  Seriously, it’s almost never like that.

Still working on this…  I had a few things hidden on top of that so the kids wouldn’t see ’em.  I want to put a towel bar or two on the wall below the pots to hold the lids, and then I also have a kitchen cart (that I need to sand, stain, and assemble) that’ll fit right in underneath the pot rack.  And it’ll even give me a little more storage space.



Since all the kids (yes, even the 2yo) can open up this cabinet, it has become home to kid stuff bit by bit over the years. 
Top shelf is still mine – phone books and tablecloths.
Second shelf has sippies on the left, placemats in the middle, Klean Kanteens on the right.
Third shelf has nothing in the left (well, currently some busy bags, but I don’t know if those’ll stay there) and our cloth napkins/washcloths on the right.
On the bottom is a big basket of plastic kid plates, cups, bowls on the left, on the right is insulating sleeves for the KK’s.  And TP rolls that I’m saving for seed starting (which will likely migrate to the basement or greenhouse shortly).

Before.  Still working on this corner of the counter.  It still collects crap.  Working on that.  Slowly.  And those lids need a home, too (hopefully on a towel bar?).  Again, slowly, one thing at a time.


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