First off, let’s start with some down home goodness.
Three guesses as to which retail establishment this vehicle was parked outside of.

Yup, that’s a ratchet tie-down cable (or whatever they’re called).  From wheel well to wheel well.  Ah, at least the spirit of DIY is alive and good.  And giving me a bit of a giggle. 

Along the same lines, you know much of a pain in the ass it is to find little bins like these?  Well, I found some, but not in the cheery white.  Ah well, nothing’s perfect.  I called half a dozen stores, looked it up online (Sterilite model #1622 in case you were wondering), and hunted through a few other stores in person.  Ugh.

I also managed to make my first little I-Spy jar.  Well, ornament.  I figured it’d fit into my purse or wherever much easier than a bulkier water bottle/jar.  Plus it’s just cute.  Now to glue the top on semi-permanently so the 3yo and 2yo don’t go hog wild dumping rice out in places.

My laundry monster.  This is my king sized bed, btw.  There really is *that* much laundry on it.
Recent discussion at my house:
My mom:  Ah, laundry, the gift that keeps on giving.
Me:  And giving and giving and giving.  *snort*

Made these for the 5yo, 3yo and 2yo the other day (8yo wasn’t feeling well).  They were enthralled, it was cute.  Hey, whatever it takes to get them to eat the good stuff.  Plus those are really cute.

Homemade cheesy crackers.  There’s 5 ingredients, they taste like cheezits.  But without some of those pesky ingredients like dyes or whatever.  And these are much more unique – none of that all-square nonsense.  Teehee.

Tonight’s dinner was cheesy broccoli rice.  Sigh.  I thought it was good.  The kids… turned their nose up at it.  Grrr.  How annoying.  The 8yo wants the cheesy broccoli rice from packets.  He’ll just have to deal with the change, or have an empty tummy some of the time.

So with the leftovers I made these adorable little guys.  Individual side-dish servings of the rice.  We’ll see how that works.  Yes, I know they’re funny looking, but I didn’t feel like trying to put muffin tins in the freezer to IQF.  That takes up valuable real estate!

In fun, putting-the-house-together-finally kind of news, I got two quilt covers to try out.
This pretty floral number…

And this stripey tan floral number.  I’ll let you guess which one I prefer.

Waiting on hubby’s opinion before I officially keep one to use.  I know, some folks change their bedding every time the wind changes.  Only reason we’re doing something else is that our current one we got for $9 from JCPenney has schitzo batting that keeps bunching up in bad places and going flat in more important places.  So we’re going to be looking at whatever we choose for a good decade or so. 


2 thoughts on “

  1. Yup you did not fail me again..with the ooohhhh and ahhhhs 🙂 Love the amazing post and Love the crackers hmmm know where I can find the recipe ??I love the floral one ..But guessing you like the striped /floral one better 🙂

  2. At least your mom understands the never ending laundry train. Mine seems to think something is wrong with me because I *always* have laundry to do ::rolls eyes::I’m totally going to make the cheesy crackers. I know they’d be a huge hit over hereThe broccoli & rice looks SUPER yummy … although I wonder if my girls would go for it. I’ll have to give it a try. I’m struggling with picky eaters. I go back and forth on fighting them on it ~ sigh!

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