A pretty sunset a few weeks ago.  Taken outside of our swim lesson place.

Part of my Azure Standard order.  The girl wanted to pose for me.  Coconut oil, Bacout, Grapeseed oil, various flours, vegetable glycerine, more dutched cocoa powder, some Redmond clay/salt stuff, all kinds of fun goodies.   Not pictured are the 25lbs of lentils (oddly enough, we don’t really like lentils, but I got them for school!) and the cases of cream of something soups (don’t judge), and a case of muffin cups/papers.  Yes, we eat a lot of muffins.

My latest ‘brilliant’ idea.  The table legs for this desk/table top crapped out on me a few months ago.  A few days ago I got the idea of using some of my food storage buckets as the legs so to speak.  Well what do you know.  It works.  Mostly.  It’s not exactly pretty since they’re used buckets (and not new, pretty, shiny, plain white ones), but I can work with it.  Turns out to be the right height for the stools we’ve got (that are also toy storage! one has Mr. Potato Head, another has dress-up clothes, another has matchbox cars, another has animals/Noah’s ark).  And I love, love! a flat surface to work on.  As I type, the 8yo is building something with legos on it.

Moving on.  I need to hose down that little kitchen, and likely put it in the guest/2yo’s room.

In the Rubbermaid tubs we have Quadrilla (under the Hot Wheels) and Legos under (and in) the tackle box.  I really need to go rescue my dehydrator from that corner.  One thing at a time.

Cute, huh?  Almost a little organized.  Now, to keep the kids on top of putting things away where they belong.  Then the house wouldn’t turn into as much of a disaster area as it’s prone to.


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  1. I am to the point where I need three desks, so I can move the kids where they don’t have to look at each other! (An official classroom would be awesome!) Your organizational skills are truly inspiring.

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