My fridge is clean!

Well, it’s mostly clean.  I spent most of the day in various states of kitchen mess.  Wipe a shelf down, change a diaper.  Empty another shelf, get snow gear on someone.  Scrub a door bowl/tub/shelf thingie, toss a few icky things, scrounge up snacks for someone else.  At one point I had 75% of the fridge contents strewn about the counters while I was scrubbing and drying things.  Somehow I still managed to make a little dinner (Spinoccoli Pizza, yum!) and now I need to finish dumping all the icky stuff and doing dishes tonight. 
Now in the next week or two I need to whip up a bunch more snacky things to shove into the fridge for the kids to choose from when they’re hungry.  I emptied the bottom door shelf in the fridge to put kid snacks in.  Hoping it’ll save me a tiny bit of sanity when they get the munchies – plus if I’m planning ahead and already have things ready to go, yeah.  We’ll see if it works in a month or two.

Then I went and got my Azure Standard order today, and yeehaw.  I’m doing alright for now.  Got some cream of blank soups (with no HFCS and such), more muffin liners, a gallon of Bacout (yes, I needed a gallon, it gets used frequently around here), some lentils for school, and other assorted randomness.  After agonizing about the order for like two weeks, it’s almost a relief to have it in my hot little hands.

Also ventured out to the greenhouse today.  Finally.  After ignoring it for months.  Holy smokes, it was balmy in there!  Only thing insulating it was like a foot or two of snow hanging out on the outside walls.  I need to get out there in the next few weeks to clean it up, plant some stuff in the ground there, and get my seeds started.

3 thoughts on “My fridge is clean!

  1. Good Job on the fridge! I hate cleaning mine 🙂 I am sooo jealous about the green house I know I SAY THAT EVERY YEAR!I really need your spunk in life ! you get so much accomplished !

  2. @homesteadtessie – Oh honey, you get more done than I do.  It seriously took me all. day. long.  Probably would’ve taken you an hour, tops.  Things just take triple the amount of time here, sometimes quadruple the amount of time.  I totally drooled over friends’ greenhouses before we got ours, too.  Hubby finally relented and we got the Costco one last year I do believe.  Still need to put it to work, we shall see.

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