Polka dots, pens, chocolate. Welcome to my house.


Some of my new canning lids.  I like it. 

It’s nuts how happy I get about new pens.

Really, really fine point ones, too.  So nice to write with.

I made a giant (ummm…. sextuple?) batch of pizza dough a while back.  Super easy. 
Some of it’s been used, the rest is in the freezer.

She decided it was a polka dot kind of day.

Cocoa powder.

Experimenting with making my own chocolate syrup.

Turns out it’s much, much better with dutched cocoa powder.

My mom (Grandma, Granoo, or Maga as the kids call her) and the 8yo.  Yes, he’s up to her ear.  Only a matter of time before I’m looking up at him.


3 thoughts on “Polka dots, pens, chocolate. Welcome to my house.

  1. you are so cool!I love those pens and the Lids 🙂 your son is so tall .Is his daddy tall ? Boy those kids are growing up so fast!I love the dough Idea ..I need to make some also ,you always have the coolest updates My friend:)

  2. @homesteadtessie – I got the lids on sale on Markdown about a month ago, took some time for them to ship.  So what with current (disposable) canning lid prices, I only need to use my wide-mouth lids 2-3 times to break even.  And the rubber rings last 10-14 uses, the white lids last forever.  😀  Yup, hubby’s 6’2″.  Hubby was tall and skinny growing up, so I ignored the pediatrician who got on my case when that 8yo was 9mo (she told me to stop nursing him so much and feed him Gerber meat sticks – I never went back).

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