There was a birthday

The baby turned 2yo today.  My last baby (thank goodness).  So now I have a 2yo, 3.5yo, 5.5yo and 8yo.  When did that happen?   Anyway.  He’s usually cute as a button, very happy unless you have food you’re not sharing, and he’s just as opinionated as his siblings.  He can definitely hold his own in a brouhaha with them, that’s for sure.

Lots of other stuff has been swirling around. 
We got at least 2 inches of snow tonight. 
We’ve missed a month of church due to sickies or me only getting a few hours (literally, like three hours) of sleep. 
I got an uncrustables-type maker from Amazon and the kids are loving the little sandwiches.  I’m a little more stodgy and like the fact that I can pre-make sandwiches and we’re good to go. 
Had a bunch of playdates this week, kids had a blast.  It was practically a new thing every day (Tuesday playdate, Wednesday swim lessons, Thursday playdate, Friday playdate, Saturday they went with Daddy to get donuts).  Oof.
Slowly, bit by bit, more places are getting (and sorta) staying clean.  We’ve eaten on a mostly cleared off dining table for almost weeks now.  With only flowers or something in the middle, vs. stacks and stacks of things. 
Tonight I attacked the basement and got a bunch of my office-type supplies reorganized and homeschool stuff moved around.  Still need to attack all the craft supplies (glue gun, markers, crayons, glitter, corks, brads, pipe cleaners, foam things, stamps, paints, brushes, colored sand, seriously, it’s a nice bit of stuff) so I’ll be more prone to letting them come out so the kids can create.  Hopefully one of my local organizing-junkie type friends will bite and help me out.
Then next up is the pantry redo again…  a goofy problem, but when you keep using stuff from the pantry (canned peaches and applesauce have been popular) and then buy a random whatever when it goes on sale (like last month when Costco had a coupon for Ziplocs – I do some freezer cooking and need the good stuff!), you need to rearrange to make room for it all.
Then comes putting up the new curtains in the dining room…  I bet those are going to brighten up the room a *ton* because of the better color scheme.  Brown tweed just doesn’t do it for me, so those curtains can go away forever. 

Anyway.  Photos later when I actually get them off the camera.


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