We got a little snow

This is what the 8yo was up to when we kept getting snow (snow that kept auntie from flying over to visit, dagnabbit).  That’s right, it’s an igloo duplex.  Complete with chimneys.  Hah.  He’s so amusing sometimes.

Flexible little boy.  Alas, he’s not the only one I have to tell to get the feet *off* the table when we’re eating.  Sigh.

This still cracks me up.  It was a giant tree in front of a house in our neighborhood.  They chopped it down, and left a few foot tall stump.  It puzzled me, but people here do strange things.  Then on another drive through the neighborhood, I see this. They had gotten the stump carved into an adorable little tree.  If we cut down the tree in the front yard at some point, I totally want to do this.  Super cute.

So yeah, nothing earth shattering here. 
I’m just slowly slogging along. 
I’m almost starting to feel normal again, but still not 100%.  It’s just hard to sweep up the taco innards from under the dining table while simultaneously nursing a toddler down for a nap and making pancakes for lunch and breaking up a fight between the 5yo and 3yo.  My kids aren’t those quiet, perfectly behaved children that other folks supposedly have.  They test their boundaries here at home, and quite frequently.  Sheer numbers automatically makes things more challenging.  If you think I’m joking, feel free to sit in on snow days.  Watching one child get themselves dressed to go outside is vastly different from herding four of them.  As is making sure they put things on in proper order.  Because no, boots do not go on before the snowpants, no matter how much they want them to.


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