Christmas catchup, second post

Christmas morning.  It actually was like 8am, but I’d been up until 2am doing finishing touches on things.  I took a nap after all the hubbub.  The kids were allowed to rip into their stockings before we woke up, but that was it.

This is a little play sink I played with when I was little.  And then later my sister labeled it with Sharpie in her name, but whatever.  Sigh.

A real drill from Daddy.  Will be put to use this summer.

“And the mess is *this* big!”

He got to unwrap his own gift.

He wasn’t entirely sure what to think, but was okay with the whole idea.

The wrapping paper shrapnel.  And my ghostly-pale feet and legs and hubby’s slipper clad feet.

Putting together Legos.  He’s getting better at following the instructions provided and not freaking out every time he has to look for a part or go back and fix something. 

My gifts.    My big one was the giant red Le Creuset from a while back.  Sure comes in handy for making one-pot meals for 6-7 people.  The serving spoon and slotted spoon match my flatware set.  Teehee.

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