Storage and toys

Immediate left of the homeschool room door.

Wall by the laundry room.

The wall-o-stuff.  Toys, books, the boys’ homeschool boxes, printers, games, Easter eggs (you know how useful those plastic Easter eggs are for random stuff?).

Closer ups.
These are little storage stools/ottomans.  Once I get new legs for the table seen above, we’ll be using these stools to sit on while doing work and projects at the table.

These two have Mr. Potatoheads and then animals/puppets.

Repurposed Jarna (from Ikea) shelves.  They were for CD’s/DVD’s and vertical.  Now they’re horizontal and hold a boatload of books and other goodies.

The big bookcase with most of the current homeschool books.  There’s a ton more stuff down in the basement still.  The basement looks horrible right now.

Basket with square holes has a bunch of math manipulatives, a few language manipulatives.
The dishpans have… something in them.  I haven’t taken photos of what goes in them to plaster on the front yet.

The bottom ones – the green handled box is the 8yo’s homeschool books we’re in the middle of.  The blue handled box has the 5yo’s homeschool books/stuff.  The pink one is for the girl when we get that going at some point.  The stack of three green-handled boxes are the math beans.

Top shelves are mine – printer paper, a few other things that I want to keep on hand.
Below that…  Tinkertoys, Citibloks, giant blocks (think Duplo, but bigger), one tote has books (A-Z Mysteries, all but book 6 of The Chronicles of Narnia, Hardy Boys, Magic Tree House, Magic School Bus, etc.), and something else I can’t remember.

The boot and sandal bins by the back patio door.

The random book/toy depository in the living room corner.  I need to clean it out and reorganize it.

The shoe bench.  Shoe photo disappeared, need to reattach it.  The red bins have hats (on the left) and mittens (on the right).


4 thoughts on “Storage and toys

  1. @HennyPenne – Hah, the prettiness only lasted a week or two.  Now I have giant bins for consignment sales (I can sell unstained stuff as both the 3yo and 2yo outgrow them!) and the foodbank and other randomness.  It’s a perpetual struggle.  And most of the hs’ing still happens up in the living room/dining room, go figure.

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