Had a good night tonight.

I’m still a little bit on a happy high.
Over the last week, week and a half, some friends and I had been gathering up goodies for a fellow mom in our mom’s group.  Her family’s had some *really* rough times as of late, and one of the gals had the idea of adopting them this Christmas.  So, quietly, under the facebook radar or creatively describing things (since we all have her on it), we started getting stuff together.  Last night a few of us converged with things and wrapped and wrapped gifts.  Shocker, I know, my main contribution was like 2-3 boxes of food and one big toy for her older one (now I know why I had that gut feeling to get more than one giant box of legos on Black Friday while staring down that big pallet of them!).  Everybody else had fun finding clothes and toys and such, I’m good with just rifling through the pantry.  Today, my friend and I loaded up her van, and went and delivered it all.  As in, it took a good 6-8 trips to bring all the bags and boxes into their house.  It was so fun to surprise her and see her reaction.  She was in tears for a few minutes there (shock? joy? relief? surprise?), but recovered quickly.  Even though I’m pretty sure she was overwhelmed.  So then we chatted for a bit before taking off.  It was so neat.

Then earlier in the day I’d dropped off our wish-tree gifts at church (for folks at local domestic violence shelters), and tonight on the way home I swung by Michael’s on my way home to use a few 40% off coupons.  I had an extra 20% off total coupon that I wasn’t going to use, and gave it to the gal behind me in line.  She was surprised, but kinda happy. 
I will likely spend tomorrow recovering the house from this weekend and grandpa’s visit, but still.  Today was a good day. 

ETA the next day:  And we’re on to another family that needs help.  Mwahaha.  Tis the season.  Here’s where my seemingly crazy pantry and shopping ahead with toys and such comes in handy, eh?

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4 thoughts on “Had a good night tonight.

  1. Lanna I know God will bless you for what you did . I think you just put the joy back in to the season for me. You and your friends showed us that what counts this year is sharing the love of Christ through actions during this time. Bless you all.

  2. @born2late – I’ve already been blessed.    We had a rough 2009 and 2010 with few people we/I could rely on, then finally some good/better things started happening.  We’ve been through some nasty stuff and are in a fairly good place right now.  What’s kind of funny is that I’d been praying to be used or have the opportunity to help and be of service to folks, and then all this pops up.  So we’ll see what else is in store for me this year – once I get a few more things squared away in our household, I have an idea…  Just have to follow my intuition. 

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