The one where I stupidly burned my hand.

Saw these pretty curtains several days ago.

I just love the little floral scallop thingie at the top there.  They were a nice, soft blue, too.  Ah, dare to dream.

He *looks* all innocent here…

But yeah, not so much.  He’s. into. everything.  He doesn’t stop moving, wiggling, chatting, nothing.  And he barely sleeps.

Most of my 10-14yo Corelle dishes were starting to lose stuff on the sides and get all scratched up and such (hey, we eat at home a decent amount, they get used and abused).  So we’ve been slowly collecting new ones.  I hit a sale not long ago, and amassed some fun new ones.  I got two or four of each of the patterns I liked (in the various sizes).  I figure they’re going to break/destroy some of them at some point, so I might as well have some fun with mistmatched groovy patterns rather than commit to one pattern for everything.  Yes, I even had matching placemats and spoon rest with the other pattern.  It was time for a change.  Hence, the fun color.  Works for us so far, and those bright dot luncheon plates are the boys’ favorites, the pink/green floral is the girl’s favorite one.  Which I think is just really cute, and it totally fits with their personalities.  Anyway, that’s enough about dishes.  Sorry, that’s how boring I am nowadays.

Aaaand then there’s me.  I was walking into the living room, holding the baby, and slipped on the tile in front of the wood stove.  Rather than smash myself and the babe’s head into the hot wood stove, my hand got the brunt of it before I reared back and we fell on the ground.

It looks worse than it was.  The blister looking thing there never really turned to blister.  I threw my hand under cold water as long as I could stand it, slathered it down with an herbal salve I got from my CSA.  It hurt like the dickens for about an hour or so, then it calmed down.  I kept flexing it so it wouldn’t get stiff or anything, and when I woke up the next morning, it was fine.  I couldn’t put much pressure (think a wiggly 23lb 21mo) on it without it hurting/being sore and it didn’t like the warm water of the shower, but now it’s fine.  My handprint may be altered now, but meh.  I’ve used my hands in my lifetime, it’s all good.


2 thoughts on “The one where I stupidly burned my hand.

  1. I love Corelle dishes! We are still using some we got back when we got married. I do not know how long he had them before that. Plus I bought some of the heart and home pattern on ebay. I really like the different patterns. The only issue I have with these type of dishes is that if you do accidentally break one, they smash into a gazillion different shards.Use some cocoa butter on you scar to see if it will help it.I would have probably done the same thing too. It is scary to fall while you are trying to protect someone else.Do you have a “wood fence ” type of safety enclosure around the wood stove?Cinder blocks work well too. They absorb some of the heat from the stove and allow it to seep back into the room later.

  2. St. John’s Wort salve works really well on burns!  Sorry you got burned but glad it was on your hand not your face, or the baby.  Wow that must have been scary.  Good catch!  When Joshua was 5 months old,  I fell down stairs while carrying him.  I broke my ankle and dropped him.  It was so scary. 

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