Ah, the stupidity of me

Happy stuff first.

The 8yo made an igloo in the backyard.  With a “tree.”  And shiny pinwheels.  I think there was a purpose, but I forgot what he told me.

It’s not a huge igloo, but it’s a start.

Showing the 20mo baby the ropes out there.

Doesn’t he look like an adorable fluffy dalmatian marshmallow?

Hah.  So silly.

He was just rolling around in the snow for whatever reason.  Hey, whatever floats his boat. 
They were outside, playing and expelling energy.  I cannot complain about that. 

And we’re back to today.  This morning, I drove up north to a little butcher shop to pick up my half of a cow.  I took a wrong turn.  Down a hill.  In my giant, heavy, hulk of a van.  That has rain/hydroedge tires.  As in, not snow tires.

I couldn’t get back up the hill in all the packed ice with slippery snow on top.

See, there’s the back edge of my van.  Those trees in the upper left?  I needed to be way up to the top there.  My van wasn’t going anywhere without help.

After the fact hubby was annoyed I didn’t call him, but I was getting help and getting it taken care of somehow.   Did I mention I had the 3.5yo and 20mo in the van with me?  Yeah, I wasn’t going to hang out there in a winter storm warning (note to self, totally check the weather before going north again, whoops) area with little kids for hours on end while it kept on snowing and snowing.  I wanted to be done with it. 

The kicker?  The driveway I got stuck in?  Happened to belong to the owners of the tow truck company.  The tow guy said he’d towed many, many people out of there before.  Only I could do that magical of a thing.  At least I got a cash discount since I did have some cash on me, and I shall be calling my insurance guy tomorrow to see if they’ll reimburse my stupidity.  At least my lovely friend and her husband that were also picking up their cow came to my aid and tried to help me get out and then hung out with me while we waited for the tow.    Despite my occasional stupid thing, I’m quite happy with this place in life.

Speaking of the cow.
Here it is.  Well, my half of the cow at any rate.  Should last us the year.

For my own benefit for next year…
I ended up getting about 138.3lbs of meat, which averaged out to about $3.326/lb.  Totally grass fed btw, not even grain finished.  So in those five boxes I got…
4 Top Sirloin
4 T-Bone steak
1 Rump Roast
1 Flank Steak
3 Stew Meat
3 Sirloin Tip Steak
1 Porterhouse Steak
1 Tri-Tip Steak
2 Filet Mignon
39 chubs of ground beef (about 59-60lbs)
3 Arm Roast
3 Chuck Roast
3 Short Ribs
4 Rib Steak
5 Top Round
5 Soup Bones

And in true of-our-household fashion…  The girl was the first one to take scissors to her hair. 
Sigh.  Such a turkey.

At least it’s only hair.  What kinda cracks me up is that the pieces she cut off?  Are the ones that she keeps getting all tangled into little annoying (aka, super hard to undo) rats.  It barely shows.  Took me a minute to find the hair stubs actually.  So the scissors have been confiscated, yet again.  Ah, life with kids.  Never boring.


2 thoughts on “Ah, the stupidity of me

  1. There really is nothing like grass fed beef! The ground beef looks like the same exact packaging that ours comes in Enjoy it ~ Sorry about the snow accident … but it looks like you handled it well. I’ve never driven in snow, so I’m sure I could do some damage

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