There’s clean! Ish.

Today’s topics are in no particular order, other than the order I uploaded photos.

We were sitting at the table – him playing, me slowly finishing my cold dinner.

He’s such a little ham.  And totally turning into a little boy/toddler.  No longer the squishy/chubby little babe.  Unless he’s in shorts.  Then he looks like a short little oompa-loompa.

Yes folks, this is where I live.  No joke.  What, you don’t have jacked up passenger vans with cargo cages on the roof?  You’re missing out.

The boys’ school boxes.  8yo has the green handled one, 5yo has the blue handled one.  I need to plaster a photo of them to the ends of their particular school box, it’s on my to do list.  Tonight the 5yo was downright heartbroken that the 8yo and I were going to do school without him (I gave the 8yo handwriting practice sheets while I nursed the 19mo down to sleep!).  So I let him come down and read aloud to both of them before sending them back up to bed.

I had this random idea to look in Fred Meyer for a milk crate dealie.  They had no such animal, but they did have this canner rack on clearance!  I’ve actually been semi-looking for one since those goofy dividers on most of them don’t exactly work with the funky sizes of older (like 40-60yo) canning jars.  And this one?  A whopping $2.50.  Score!  That made my night. 

Such a ham.  Oh, and he has no fear.  He climbs onto the table/counter/sofa/whatever in split seconds.

Started a new chore system for the kids this week.  So far so good.  If I remember, I’ll report back in a few months.  But already?  Last night there was a full-on scuffle about who got to vacuum the living room floor and who got to mop/scrub the dining room floor.  I’m not joking, and I love it. 

The gist is that the chores I want them to do that day are in their jar. 
Yes, that’s a little name charm hanging on each jar, but I blurred out the names (I got the charms months ago knowing I’d use them for something…).  At the end of each day, they get a nickel for each upside down (aka, completed) chore they’ve done.  I got the chore photo thingies from Confessions of a Homeschooler, but printed them two to a page or some goofy thing my printer did.  Which worked perfectly with the wide popsicle sticks I had on hand for whatever craft project I deemed fit.  I need something fairly simple for the kids to understand (pictures and words instead of just words are helpful for the non-readers), simple for me and hubby to understand, and easy for me to keep up with.  Oh, and visual because, well, for me it’s out of sight, out of mind.

This is the cleanest this part of the house has been in over a year and a half.  Well, the surfaces at least.  The floor is still no man’s land.

I’m also trying out another organizational something.  I may tweak the vessel and what I keep up here vs. in the homeschool room (the back 2/3 of this is school stuff).  It’s a tickler file.  A friend was over the other day and suggested it to deal with my mountains of papers I keep “out” so I can see them.  Except then the piles get bigger, and, well, you know the rest of the story. 

I figured it was totally worth a shot, and I’d even seen something similar on another gal’s blog not too long ago.
See the folders for each month?  Yeah, a folder for each day or week just ain’t gonna happen.  I think one a month is about all I can handle.

Pre-haircut.  Super, super shaggy.

Post-haircut.  Nope, my 5yo cannot look normally at any camera.  It’s against his DNA it seems.  Of course the 3yo was copying him, so I couldn’t crop her out of the photo.

I found a used homeschool book shop!!!!!  Granted, it’s an hour drive away from me, but still.  A used homeschool book shop!!!
It was kinda funny, I’d ask the gal about this curriculum or if she had that in stock or if this is popular and so on.  She sells out of Math-U-See almost instantly, Sonlight IG’s never sell (so she stopped carrying them), all kinds of fun.  And an entire wall of Saxon.  Hmmm…  No used Life of Fred books for sale though.  Go figure.    So I bought three more Life of Fred books (we only had the first elementary one, Apples, so I could feel out whether we like it or not before investing more), and the Story of the World CD for the drive home.  Today the 8yo was begging me to put the CD back in so we could hear more about Egypt.  Well, okay, twist my arm.  We’re already on disc 2 out of four.  I hope the library can track down the others ones, and soon. 

Moment #382 when I sigh that I turned down the offer of my grandmother’s giant Hobart floor mixer when they were emptying her house.  It would *so* come in handy around here nowadays.
(In my defense, at the time we had no children, had only planned on having two eventually, and the floor joists of the apartment we lived in might not have been able to handle that kind of machinery.)   Hindsight and all.  Sigh.

It ended up making the stuffing of 22 twice baked potatoes (well, 11 entire potatoes I suppose) and enough extra stuffing for dinner tonight.  I know some folks mound up their twice baked potatoes, but I don’t because then they don’t pack well in the freezer anymore.  I know, I have issues.

They are now happily in the freezer waiting for me to pull them out in the next month or so.


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