My poor, busy kitchen on October 25th

For whatever reason I had this all entry-d up and saved, but hadn’t published it yet.  My bad.  It’s all about my poor kitchen a few weeks ago though.

The other day when I was finishing up a bunch of breakfasts for me and my friend.

Mmm… Banana Sour Cream Muffins.  Oh yum.
I tried a new-to-me idea here.  Using canning rings as muffin paper cups/holders so you can bake a boatload all in one fell swoop.  It works.  As long as you don’t over-fill the muffin cups.  Then it becomes a little messy.  Ahem.  Not like I’d do anything like that.

Last of the peaches.  Finally.

And some ground turkey that was on sale.  I seriously love having canned ground turkey on hand – just crack it open, drain off the water/fat (using hot running water) and boom, done).

Update on the elderberry tincture.  That vodka’s not clear anymore. 

Nectarine goo/juice.  Shall become jelly at some point this week.

The kids and Grampa went and picked all the tomatoes for me the other day.  We expected our first frost the other day, so yeah.  They had fun playing outside.

And got a little creative with their tomato-hauling devices.  Hey, it worked.

Beginning to sort green tomatoes.

Sorted by color/ripeness.

Green tomato bits.  There’s a purpose for them, no worries.


One thought on “My poor, busy kitchen on October 25th

  1. Thank you for sharing these photo’s I so enjoy them! I just love seeing what projects you work onand the finished Photo’s! OOH How I wish I was related to you ,.I would have so much fun  being at your house ! You do not make elderberry Jelly do you ? I am looking to Buy a yar or two from someone .I will pay for the jelly Plus shipping .If you are interested let me know or if you know someone who makes it .I will pay up front .!

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