He went and turned 8yo!

He. is. huge.

He turned 8 years old.

Singing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy.

Blowing out the candles.

Cutting cake and enjoying the yum with friends.

Treats for afterwards.  Or for the munchies (although it wasn’t that kind of party).

Goody bags for everybody to take home.

Opening his first present.  He’s into Hot Wheels for whatever reason. 

So he got to open this on his actual birthday day, just us.

And then came to opening presents at his party.

Why yes, dressing like a pirate was encouraged for the day.

Those are totally glow-in-the-dark swords you see.  Along with pirate hats.  I visited the dollar store.

Not pictured are the kids running around outside.  Or the crafts they did.  I had pirate coloring sheets, they stamped/drew pirate treasure maps, and colored messages to stick in bottles.  The maps were made from paper grocery bag pieces/scraps, the message bottles were clear water bottles that I ripped the sticker off.  Yeah, sometimes mama’s cheap.  But it works.  Add in the pirate hats and eye patches and glow in the dark swords for everyone, they had a great time.  And this was my first themed birthday part since the boy was 2yo.  That year, hardly anybody showed up so for the next several years I just did a birthday playdate or we did our own family thing


3 thoughts on “He went and turned 8yo!

  1. @homesteadtessie – Well, the cake was just one that our local grocery store could do (sucks that it turns out I’m allergic to the dyes/preservatives in their chocolate cake, grrr).  And that was just a good day.  There’s many, many more where we’re lucky to get out of bed and stay alive during the day.  Like today.  We’ve all been exposed to whooping cough, so I’ve been working on the preventative fallout from that, and didn’t even get a shower until 3pm.  The kids and I have been eating whatever’s pre-made in the pantry and scrounging around the kitchen.  Good times.

  2. What a fun piratey day!  Aye Matey!   Grrrr   The kids all seemed to really enjoy themselves.   Don’t you love the Dollar Tree for crafts/party supplies!    I’ve seen the very same things at other stores for 3 times what you pay at the Dollar Tree…not cheap  just wise.Yea,  I have an eight year old too who will turn nine in Feb….where does the time go?

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