What do you do with 80lbs of chicken?

Why, borrow a friend’s Food Saver of course.
Grilled chicken, frozen individually (to slice and put on salads, on pizzas, in a pasta dish, whatever).  Already cooked chicken bits for similar purposes.  Three Chicken Cordon Bleu casseroles, and two packages of enough chicken for a dinner here.

Lots more packages of chicken ready for a meal, a few individual ones for whatever nefarious purpose we deem suitable, and three bags of Peachy Keen Chicken.  Well, Nectarine Chicken, since I have nectarines that need to be used up.

The last consignment sale haul.  We’re about geared up clothes-wise for the kids, so now I’ve been rooting through all the books and homeschool stuff.  Or finding shoes in bigger sizes up.  I’ve managed to find 6 of the 7 Narnia books at the last few consignment sales (some with a newer cover, a few you can see below with the older 80’s cover), so we’ll see what I find at the one next week.  Might still need snowpants for the 8yo, we’ll see.  I need to dig up the box of snow gear and box of Halloween costumes and get those all squared away.

Such a happy kid.  And he now fits into 18mo pants all of a sudden.  They used to be way, way, way too long for him.  Crap.

This was after she did her super-funny pose, but you get the gist of it.

Ah, sibling love.  They were worn out, and the 5yo had fallen asleep on his 8yo brother’s shoulder while I was driving.

Squeee!  Lookie what hubby found at TJMaxx the other day!  It’s a 7.25qt giant thing.  And yeah, it’s a second, but hey, when I’m going to beat it up more than the black dot on the lid?  I’m okay with that for over $100 off for the fabulous cookware.  And given that my skillet (braising pan?) doesn’t have high enough sides as of late (can you say quantity?) this’ll be fabulous.  I’ll break it in one of these days, have other pressing matters.

All pretty on my stovetop.  That poor stove.  It’s been through so much for me.

He, ahem, got a little dirty out in the backyard that day.

My lovely neighbors across the street have elderberry bushes.  So sweet, they gave me elderberry juice for jam (well, technically jelly), and fresh berries for my foray into tinctures.

I ended up with about a quart of berries.  I picked off all the stems and other weird stuff.

All vodka’d up.

The tincture directions in my book.

Changing gears, look who lost a tooth!  At a few months past 5yo.

Granted, not the best expression on his face, but hey, this was one of the better photos.

So to celebrate being one tooth lighter and get the kids out of the house (and hubby’s hair) we went to a farm on Greenbluff.  The kids got to ride on the train, I bought a boatload of McIntosh apples.  They had fun, I still have apples in the garage I need to turn into sauce.

<More about the 8yo’s birthday party and other canning stuff coming soon.>

2 thoughts on “What do you do with 80lbs of chicken?

  1. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Oh honey, I’m just uploading photos from the last 2-3 weeks or so.  No earthly way I can get that much done in a single day.  And yes, after one long/brutal/busy day, I typically need a few days afterward to recover.  Or at least clean up from the insanity.

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