My 7yo is a genius

See anything fun in this photo? 
That’s right, pinwheels. 
I think Grandma got the kids pinwheels at some point.  So, the 7yo, in his lovely thinking-outside-the-box kind of way, started plopping them in the garden.
I had to ask why on earth he was doing this. 
“To keep the birds away from the strawberries, Mommy!”  Of course, dear, of course.

When you think about it, it’s actually pretty genius. 
You can easily move the pinwheels around. 
They’re great fun for most any age. 
They’re fairly inexpensive.  The wind will randomly get them going.  So they move more than little strips of shiny stuff, and send fun rays of shiny to the house that startle me when the moon’s full.

In the past we’ve had to have bird netting over the strawberry beds, otherwise we wouldn’t get a single berry.  What do you think of the results below?  I’m rather thrilled with the pinwheel result.  Just need to go pick them.

So if you’re looking for a new idea, thank my 7yo for it.  And it’ll make you smile when you look out at the garden and see a little burst of fun. 


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