Free range kids and consignment hauls

Yup, I’m so incredibly creative with my titles.  My creativity’s been on hiatus for a few decades now, I’m okay with it.

This is what happens with free-range kids.  They ask daddy if they can play with the scrap lumber leftover from the wood rack creation.

Whoops, the garage collapsed.

No worries, it can be fixed.

Entertains them for hours upon hours upon hours.  I have no idea what they’re actually playing, but as long as they’re having fun and being creative with it, I’m quite fine with that.

He snuck up on me and grabbed my camera case.

Silly little boy.

She wanted her picture taken.  I’m still sometimes a little floored I ended up with a girl.

One of the latest creations here.  Vanilla bean yogurt (found on sale), with raspberry sauce (made by yours truly and canned up) topped with freeze-dried strawberries (not bad actually, Augason Farms brand) and granola (okay, it’s Honey Bunches of Oats, with just the clusters), and the 7yo had fresh blueberries on his.  It seemed to fill them up for a few hours, which was nice.

Making homemade peachy shaved ice from OAMM.

We’ll see how it turns out.  I have high hopes.

I do all kinds of goofy things.  I came across a similar idea on another blog recently.  Since I had some peach scraps that weren’t moldy or iffy, I boiled them up in some water, and here am straining.  I’m not sure whether I want to can the juice, or turn it into a jelly of some sort.  It’ll be something.

See, now this is more my style of clothes for the girl.  She doesn’t need to look like a hooker at 3yo, just, no.  I wish the backgrounds weren’t white, but the little flowers on the dresses are just adorable.  And I couldn’t resist the lace-edged leggings that can go with them (and the leggings will work with other dresses we’ve got!).  She likes wearing dresses/skirts like mommy half the time now, it’s actually really cute.

Ah, the consignment sale haul. 
It’s that time of year again.  I hit the one in the big town nearby.  So I found snow boots for the 7yo and 5yo, lots of fun books for them to read/do school with (a bunch of A-Z Mysteries books, Encyclopedia Brown, Magic Treehouse, Magic Schoolbus, C.S. Lewis Narnia-series books, Hardy Boys), wooden blocks, 4 pairs of jeans for the 7yo (size 10 for now and sz 14 for later – I have to hunt for the slim-sized pants now, oof), a fleece jacket each in sz 12 and sz 14, two dresses and a jumper for the girl, a t-shirt (she wants to be a pumpkin for Halloween, I found a pumpkin-faced t-shirt, so now she can be a pumpkin everyday), pants and sweater for her as well, a pair of dressy Stride Rites and then a normal-ish pair of shoes for her, and a Cabbage Patch doll with clothes to give to her for Christmas or her birthday (could go either way, we’ll see).

When I go consignment sale-ing, I go at it.  I had my list of certain things to look for (boots and shoes in what size, pants in what size, how many dresses) and the wing it if I find some killer homeschool-type deals or toys.  I bypass all the plastic toy junk at the sales, and zoom in on the fun stuff like those wooden blocks.  I’ve never seen Thomas the Tank Engine wooden tracks at those sales – those suckers last forever, or you can sell them for a decent price on craigslist.


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