Canning with backup!

A friend came over last week and we had our own little canning bee.  I would recommend it, especially if you have kids.  She has three, I have four.  By the end of the day with seven children and four adults around, my house did feel a little snug.

Just starting with the first batch in the canner.

And then there were jars of peaches everywhere.

That’s right, I even had a canner going on the propane camp stove outside.  Double time, yeehaw.  This is just hubby stirring tomato sauce, but still.  Like my ghetto “cooling down” area there?  I still wonder if our neighbors just think “WTF?” about us…

Peaches were done, time to squeeze tomatoes.  I’ve been debating trying a Victorio food mill…  the Squeezo is a pain to clean, a few pieces easily rust (it doesn’t matter how quickly you dry them, it’s just the nature of the metal it’s made with)…  So we’ll see.

The end result of a really, really, really long day.  57 quarts of peaches and 5 quarts of sterilized water.


The kids all got along pretty darn well, too.  Here’s her middle one doing something goofy with [my] baby.

Sigh.  Boys and their rough-housing.  Whatever, no blood was shed.  We just shake our heads and keep doing whatever.

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