The mid-September garden update, part 2

Happy tomato bed.  I’d picked all the ripe ones, but there’s still a lot there.  I really like the Alaska Fancy tomatoes.

The potato/shallot bed.  I didn’t do very well at watering it.  Sigh.  Dug up a few potatoes though, will sort through the rest of the bed at some point.

At least one pear tree is still alive.

See the pretty pepper on the left, the Kootenai tomatoes in the middle, and Alaska Fancy tomatoes on the right?  Oh, and basil in the foreground.

Raspberries on the far left.  The main garden bed here is full of weeds.  Next year.

The rest of the main garden bed.  Again, next year.

Sad tomatoes.  We just need to severely amend the soil.  Hubby’s thinking of turning it into raised beds of some sort…

Inside the neglected greenhouse.  I need to harvest those lettuce seeds and such.

The dried up peas behind the greenhouse.

Rhubarb seeds.  Or something.

Plums/prunes/whatever they are.

Mesclun mix type seeds.  Still need to harvest them.

Other side of the tomato bed.  So the Alaska Fancys are on the left.

Apple tree in the backyard.  It doesn’t throw much fruit.  It just doesn’t get enough sun.  Right now I’m eyeing it to lop off the top of the tree, cut off all the little branches, and turn it into a platform for a treehouse for the kids.  It’s in the backyard, and not all that far from the patio door.  And that’s our bedroom behind it, too.


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